Hyster Trucks Find the Right Energy Balance

As Hyster Europe launches its new generation J1.5-2.0XNT and J1.6-2.0XN series of three and four wheel electric forklift trucks, the global materials handling manufacturer has shown that it is possible to achieve the highest productivity while, at the same time, finding a balance of optimum performance with the lowest energy consumption in one truck.

David Rowell, European Operations Manager for Hyster explains "We have created a truck that delivers the best balance of electric energy consumption and performance, to give the best overall productivity in its class. Our new electric trucks can provide customers with exactly the right amount of power required for their individual operations."

The new electric series delivers what Hyster refers to as E-Balance; the maximum productivity for the minimum amount of energy consumed. This means delivering the right amount of energy to produce the right level of performance to do the work required in a specific application, within a certain time. This is not only beneficial to the end-user, in terms of delivering lower cost of operation but also to the environment through reducing energy consumption.

There are two different performance settings, which both balance energy consumption and productivity levels. The ELo – low energy – setting enables the truck to use 16% less energy than competitors to perform the same amount of work. The HiP – high productivity – setting provides 8% more productivity than competitor trucks, whilst still maintaining competitive energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is one of the major design features of both the JXN and JXNT systems. The pump and enclosed traction motors and the dual front wheel drive are all AC powered to offer maximised productivity through longer shift life.

Fleet Managers can further enhance performance and energy efficiency by fine tuning truck performance characteristics via the dash display, to suit the conditions of the application or the ability of the driver. They can also select their desired battery configuration, including the use of high capacity custom batteries and side extraction battery configuration for prolonged shift life and ease of recharging.

The intelligent cooling system offers exceptional thermal capacity to help maintain performance, especially important in intense applications or in high ambient temperatures.

Additionally, the Vehicle System

Manager (VSM) manages all the truck's functions to make sure the truck efficiently delivers the best overall balance between productivity and energy consumption.

It should not be forgotten that the driver plays a vital role in the productivity and energy consumption of a forklift truck. The new Hyster electric trucks are therefore designed to offer superior comfort and ergonomics to help to enhance productivity and overall energy efficiency.

"Hyster's new J1.5-2,0XNT and J1.6-2.0XN series brings the electric forklift truck market a step forward, into the environmentally friendly age. It demonstrates that reducing a company's carbon footprint doesn't mean reducing its productivity or cost efficiency; it is about getting the balance right" adds David Rowell.

For further information regarding the forklift energy and productivity balance visit http://www.hyster.com/europe.