Waste management company hooked on Hiab

Waste management company Grundon Waste Management hooked on Hiab
Waste management company Grundon Waste Management hooked on Hiab

Following a sustained period of increased demand, the UK’s largest family-owned supplier of integrated waste management and environmental services, Grundon Waste Management Ltd, has invested in eight further pieces of equipment from world leading provider of on-road handling equipment, Hiab.

The latest purchase, which includes three Hiab MULTILIFT Futura 12 skip loaders and three MULTILIFT Ultima 24S hook loaders, brings the company’s total to 52 pieces of Hiab kit since their first purchase in 2004. There are also ten further products on order due to be delivered by the end of 2022.

The new skip loaders and hook loaders join Grundon Waste Management’s 300+ strong fleet to support its nationwide operation in commercial waste management, compactor transportation, specialist treatment and disposal services.

Stephen Townsend, Group Fleet Engineer at Grundon Waste Management, commented: “We initially started working with Hiab for cranes back in 2004, when replacing older units. 18 years later and they are now one of our most trusted suppliers for handling equipment.

“For our latest purchase, we were looking to source equipment for a key account with tight criteria and product functionality. From previous experience with Hiab and understanding how they engineered lightness and key geometry benefits they were our go-to for this brief.

“The Hiab team assisted with this requirement fully, supported by the team in Ellesmere, from whom we received great customer support along with product knowledge and experience.”

The MULTILIFT Futura skiploader and MULTILIFT Ultima hooklift form part of Hiab’s wider MULTILIFT range which features a variety of pioneering load handling solutions.

Ben Cooper, Hiab MULTILIFT Sales Executive, said: “Grundon Waste Management is a long-standing, valued customer of ours and it has been a pleasure to watch them grow over the last 18 years and to be able to support them in that growth has been fantastic.

“We specially engineered the entire MULTILIFT range with significant innovations to ensure greater control, safety and productivity in any loading duty and it’s great to hear these innovations are making a difference daily to Stephen and his team.

“For example, the ULTIMA hook loaders feature an integrated load weighing system meaning expensive, third-party weighing solutions are a thing of the past. The unique system calculates weight during the loading process, so users can work even more efficiently than ever before.”

The MULTILIFT Ultima 24S hooklift features Hiab’s Sequence Performance™ technology enabling automatic sequence control via a single lever movement for loading, unloading and tipping.

Meanwhile, the main equipment, sheeting system and Hydraulic Side Stops, which help to secure the load when operating different width bins or compactors, can all be controlled with Full Remote Control.

For more information about Grundon Waste Management please visit www.grundon.com

And to find out more about Hiab and its MULTILIFT range visit www.hiab.com.