Waste and cleaning tanker manufacturer Whale develops new Demount system with Multicar

Specialist supplier to the waste and cleaning industries, Whale Tankers of Solihull, has expanded its Demountable Whale product offering having developed a new body system for use with Multicar's FUMO - a compact implement carrier with transporter functionality.

Indeed having entered into a new strategic partnership agreement with Multicar here in the UK, Whale Tankers will now become the company's exclusive provider of what Whale is branding its DSC (demountable small combination) Whale body option.

Having working closely with Multicar over the passed several months, Whale used PAWRS - the Plant & Waste Recycling Show - to parade its first DSC Whale that has been specified by Doncaster Council.

Exhibited on stand no N4 and N5, the DSC Whale features a demountable low volume combination vacuum tanker body with the Multicar Fumo 5.2 tonne GVW 4 x 2 left hand drive chassis. In order to provide end customer with a vehicle that exhibits the ultimate in terms of versatility and functionality, the DSC Whale body can be interchanged with additional implements and attachments, such as gritter and scissor bodies etc moving forwards.

Additionally, in order to provide maximum payloads when functioning in its role as a gully cleaner, Whale and Multicar have design-engineered weight out of the vehicle. As such, the DSC Whale has an impressive payload of 1250kgs.

Constructed from Grade 3CR12 corrosion resistant steel, the low volume combination body has a 2400 litre capacity. Alongside a 1400-litre debris/sludge compartment comes a 1,000-litre tank for clean jetting water.

Scheduled to enter service with Doncaster Council immediately after PAWRS, the DSC Whale will be deployed to clean gullies located in restricted domestic alleyway areas, as well as pedestrianised precincts where weight limits are in force.

Complete with a 4" full bore gully boom that features Whale's new anti-vibration gully boom control handle, the DSC Whale body is equipped with a Speck NP25 high pressure pump delivering up to 10gpm at 2000psi and the proven Mistral CL90 series exhaust compressor. Powered by the Iveco F 1 C Euro 5 diesel engine, the Fumo delivers 145 hp at 3500 rpm.

Commenting on the development programme, Whale's Managing Director, Mark Warmington stated: "Whilst the DSC Whale option provides all the advantages of a standard demountable Whale body, it will provide customers with far greater utilisation, particularly in narrow streets and precinct areas. We are delighted to have finalised an agreement with Multicar here in the UK to this effect, as the two technologies involved work very well together in providing a vehicle solution that offers real added value without compromising on payload."

As Brian Croll of Multicar UK adds: "We are delighted to have Whale Tankers as our partner for what is a specialist body system. Not only have they proved to have the technical expertise required to design and manufacture the product with input from ourselves, their proven service and parts infrastructure is the envy of the industry. We are confident that the partnership will be mutually beneficial for both businesses."