VoiteQ has launched VoiceMan Velocity to improve fork lift truck based warehouse movements

Using Vocollect Voice voice-directed work technology VoiceMan Velocity

Simplifies fork lift truck operated warehouse tasks - improving efficiency and cutting costs

Provides real-time 'spoken' activity lists to optimise put-away; replenishment; pallet moves; slot moves; full pallet picks; cross docking; stock checking; goods in and most other stock movement tasks within a warehouse or distribution centre

Works in parallel with order picking to enable just-in-time stock replenishment

Provides real-time management information reports including stock levels; order status and resource availability information

Adds Vocollect Voice to any WMS


VoiceMan Velocity module launches

VoiteQ, the UK's largest supplier of voice directed distribution systems, has launched a new module for its leading voice middleware solution, VoiceMan. VoiceMan Velocity manages all bulk stock movement tasks in the warehouse and can also provide real time stock control. Developed to optimise fork lift truck operated tasks, VoiceMan Velocity allows fork lift truck operatives to carry out put away, replenishment, pallet moves, slot moves, full pallet picks and stock, interacting with order picking to provide just in-time replenishments, therefore ensuring high stock availability.

VoiceMan Velocity utilises the RF network within the warehouse to interface with truck mounted terminals running VoiteQ Mobile Warehouse Operations. Warehouse tasks are performed by warehouse operators and completion updates are transmitted back to the VoiceMan system on a 'real time' basis. With the functionality of VoiceMan middleware, all this can be achieved with no significant modifications to the incumbent WMS.

David Stanhope, VoiteQ's CEO commented, "Here at VoiteQ we always like to test our skills when creating new solutions for warehouse operations. Much of the knowledge that has gone into VoiceMan Velocity has been built up over many years of developing real time voice-enabled applications, but the opportunity to expand this expertise into both screen-based applications and to adding real time stock control onto legacy WMS solutions is the kind of activity we thrive on."

VoiceMan is a functionality rich middleware solution. It quickly, simply and cost effectively adds Vocollect Voice functionality onto any existing host WMS solution. Although mainly used for standard order picking by customer, it also provides the capabilities to do pick-by-line (sometimes known as pick-to-zero), pallet building, replenishment, cross docking, stock checking, goods-in and most other stock movement tasks within a warehouse or distribution centre.

In addition to 'Velocity', VoiteQ have released a new and improved version of the VoiceMan ControlCentre module. VoiceMan ControlCentre provides the ability to produce live data reporting in the form of Dashboards. This provides live graphical representation of key operational information including; cases picked, current orders, pick rates, operator statistics, zonal information and league tables. This enables management to see quickly and easily a visual representation of overall operational performance at any given time, or retrospectively by a range of dates and times.

The key data, detailed in the various dashboard screens provides management with the information needed to make informed decisions about the best use of resources available. For example, reports might show that optimum productivity and cost management could be achieved by reallocating operatives to another zone or for goods-in operators to move to order picking.

"Software solutions need to continue to evolve," continued Stanhope. "The positive reaction of our customers to these latest modules proves that we are continuing to develop solutions in line with evolving customer requirements."