Versatile User Interfaces For NDC Ethernet Enabled Process Gauge

Two completely new interfaces, the HMI Human Machine Interface and the OWS Operator Workstation, provide different levels of user access for NDC Infrared Engineerings recently launched Ethernet enabled CM710e NIR gauge for moisture measurement in industrial manufacturing processes, such as chemicals, minerals and ore-extraction, ceramics, detergents and construction products. The HMI provides supervisory access to up to 16 networked Series 710e Gauges while the OWS connects to an individual gauge.

By combining the benefits offered by Ethernet technology with experience gained from the supply of more than 8000 of its Series 710 on line gauges, NDC has developed the HMI and OWS to ensure that users get the most from their investment for on line measurement and process control.

Both multi lingual interfaces feature quarter VGA high resolution colour touchscreens to provide intuitive access to a range of measurement information, diagnostics and other functions, appropriate for the level of access required. All variants are available in high impact polymer housings, rated to IP65, and suitable for use in ambient temperatures to 50˚C. Optional stainless housings meet the need for safety and hygiene in food processing and other environments.

The OWS displays single or multi-component gauge measurement values, and enables operators to access key process functions such as diagnostics, auto-reference checking and a short-term graphic trend function to establish suitability of process conditions for sample collection.

The HMI enables manipulation of product settings such as calibration values, alarm settings as well as all functions featured on the Operator Workstation. The HMI also provides scalable analogue outputs and digital I/O as well as extensive Fieldbus connectivity options, including all common EtherNet based protocols and DeviceNet, Profibus and CANbus Open. NDC has designed the CM710e to be connected to virtually any common control protocol.

In addition to permanent network connections, both the HMI and OWS feature an RJ45 Ethernet cable socket to allow connection of a computer running NDC's GaugeToolXL Gauging Management Software, so that the GaugeToolsXL features such as data logging, sampling, calibration, long-term trending can be used.

Other CM710e devices include the Switched 8-way Hub for convenient multi-gauge networking, and the User Port, which provides additional fully configurable analogue, digital or Fieldbus connectivity, wherever it is needed.