Transport IT Market Sees Winners and Losers

as Consolidation Continues. V-SOL targets growth potential of telematics as changing market sees competitors struggle. The transport IT sector still has growth potential, despite the recent news of Minorplanet Systems' losses and GlobalLive's rescue, according to V-SOL tracking systems, which is currently on the acquisition trail.

David Isom, managing director of V-SOL, says: "Much has been made of Minorplanet's losses and its ability to continue trading, but the truth is that there is still a lot of potential in this sector for the right companies. The market is simply adjusting to economic conditions, and there will be some fall out.

"As we are seeing, some companies can have major financial investment over the years but still fail to survive, despite - on paper - all of the right factors being in place. Instead, today it is those companies that are most innovative, customer focused and who really know their market that are seizing the potential for growth."

V-SOL was launched at around the same time as Minorplanet, with both companies developing their individual tracking technology with different growth and investment strategies.

David adds: "Technology is continuing to develop and with the upcoming launch of Windows 7 it is opening up a new range of opportunities for companies that have the expertise to take advantage of the changing market. We have been growing quietly, and are now in a strong position to expand in the current climate."

V-SOL now works with organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, EDF Energy, Arqiva, Goldstar Heathrow and Roalco. Its acquisition plans are designed to further strengthen the company's position in the tracking market and its customer base.

V-SOL's acquisition plans will be financed through existing funds and the Nat West, with funding already in place and the company looking to acquire a small to medium vehicle tracking operation.

V-SOL has been supplying live vehicle tracking longer than any other company in the UK, and is the only company to design and manufacture its technology in Britain. It has recently become the first company in the World to receive the new BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for all of its operations.

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