Translift Bendi gives Animal Sports more pallet positions

Action sports brand Animal® has gained up to 1,500 pallet positions in its global distribution warehouse by using revolutionary three-wheel articulated forklifts from Translift Bendi™ in racking no wider than 1.8m. Productivity has also trebled.

Conceived by two surfers making watch straps in a bedroom in 1987, Animal is now a global sports brand, with a turnover of more than £50m.

"Animal's growth has been tremendous, creating interesting challenges for the efficient storage and distribution of goods." explains James Runciman, Operations Manager at Animal's global distribution centre in Poole. "Today, we are handling more products than ever, but it is by far the easiest and most efficient it has ever been, thanks to our warehouse management systems and the capabilities offered by Bendi articulated forklifts."

Animal made steps to significantly expand its operation three years ago, consolidating all stock from six locations into a 100,000sqft building. However, the roof supports meant that the racking aisle widths had to be approximately 1.8m wide, otherwise Animal would immediately lose up to 1,500 pallet positions, 33% of the capacity.