Telematics services company Cybit implement Fleetstar Online vehicle tracking for SIS LIVE

Enhanced management of SIS LIVE vehicles, which provide outside broadcasts for the BBC, ITV and BSKYB

Real-time data will help SIS LIVE to increase fleet visibility across Europe

"Accurate vehicle location information in real-time is crucial to operational efficiency"

Steve Senior, Technical Services Manager, SIS LIVE.

Cybit, the UK's largest provider of online telematics services, has implemented its Fleetstar-Online vehicle tracking and fleet management platform into all outside broadcast vehicles of SIS LIVE, Europe's largest supplier of outside broadcast (OB) facilities and satellite uplinks. SIS LIVE, whose customers include the BBC, ITV and BSKYB, will use the real-time fleet data to increase visibility over fleet operations critical to managing vehicle and event allocation.

Cybit's Fleetstar has been deployed to allow SIS LIVE to manage three significant areas of fleet management including real-time fleet visibility, equipment maintenance scheduling and security. SIS LIVE covers many of the worlds biggest sporting, music and entertainment events, including the London Marathon, Glastonbury Festival, Wimbledon Championships, Top Gear and European football. The company has also been awarded the contract to cover the XIX Commonwealth Games in Delhi in October.

"SIS LIVE operates a large fleet to tight schedules, therefore the ability to provide accurate vehicle location information in real-time is crucial to operational efficiency. SIS LIVE will deploy Fleetstar as part of its integrated fleet management operations," commented Steve Senior, Technical Services Manager, SIS LIVE.

SIS LIVE also operates the largest uplink fleet in Europe supporting the news gathering operations of all of the major UK broadcasters. It provides services for 80% of the UK's mobile news uplinks.

Steve Senior continued: "The nature of our business means our OB vehicles can be deployed world-wide to cover any event. We need to be confident that an OB vehicle currently covering a sporting event in Turkey, for example, will be back in the UK in time to attend a music festival in the UK - early notification of potential problems allows us to plan and schedule our vehicles dynamically.

"We also link Fleetstar location information to confidently schedule planned maintenance work needed on our broadcast technical equipment."

SIS LIVE's wide portfolio of products and services also includes Internet Service provision and the design and manufacture of award-winning products such as the uPod Micro satellite uplink.

"Fleetstar can assist us allocating the nearest resource to the location of a story enabling us to streamline vehicle allocation and provide real-time updates for our clients" concluded Senior.

"The use of telematics within an operational environment has become an integral part of driving business efficiency and performance, with many companies now integrating it as a business critical tool. The information Fleetstar provides for companies, such as SIS LIVE, means that planned and reactive fleet scheduling can be dynamically managed in real-time. Fleetstar's industry proven twenty-second vehicle updates means that our customers can be confident in their real-time vehicle management," added Steve Towe, Director, Cybit Ltd.