SYSPRO brings new flexibility to Orthoplastics

High performance medical plastics manufacturer Orthoplastics has gone live a month ahead of schedule and under budget with a new SYSPRO enterprise system from K3 Business Technology Group K3. Orthoplastics was completely committed to the success of the project and therefore ensured resources were available to get the job done in order to take early ownership of the system.

The fully integrated solution replaces the companys old legacy in house developed DOS system. This was augmented with spreadsheets and was prone to duplication and errors. With SYSPRO Orthoplastics gains full visibility of accurate business critical data from a centralised dynamic system.

The Lancashire-based company supplies the world's highest quality, premium-grade orthopaedic UHMWPE Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene to the medical industry. The material is used in the manufacture of orthopaedic implants such as artificial joints and is supplied as custom engineered rods and sheets. In addition the company can supply material in various sizes and in blocks. Its purpose-built, high-speed machines can reduce customer costs by tailoring the shape of the rod or block to optimum size for the component to be machined.

To stay ahead of the market Orthoplastics needed to optimise its business processes. It had identified several issues with its non-dynamic legacy system. These included no real-time scheduling, laborious data entry that was often duplicated, and restricted visibility to information that required the review of many different individual sources. This made management reporting very difficult and information analysis was fraught with hurdles. The system also lacked the ability for expansion and could not support standardized, streamlined processes.

Orthoplastics' SYSPRO system includes all the modules it requires for a fully dynamic solution to its historical problems. These modules provide full and instantaneous control of System Administration, Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing. The new system improves visibility of order and production progress and makes it easier for Orthoplastics to meet contractual delivery agreements and boosts its delivery performance. In addition the company can now manage by exception, gain higher levels of reporting and analysis and speed up its order processing.

"Orthoplastics is an exceptional company requiring an equally exceptional solution to its needs. K3 has carefully tailored this SYSPRO solution to eradicate its immediate issues and give the company the flexibility and support it needs to take the business forward. Our experience of medical manufacturers shows that full

Visibility of the business is extremely important. Companies such as Orthoplastics are generally lean operations but they often lack easy access to dynamic information. This can affect all areas of the business.

With our ability to tailor SYSPRO to the exact requirements of the medical industry we can deliver solutions based on proven out of the box software that fit the precise needs of the business," said Howard Joseph, MD, K3 Business Technology Group.

About K3 Business Technology Group

K3 Business Technology Group employs 90 people at its Manchester head office and its branches throughout the UK and Ireland. The company offers solutions in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management, advanced planning and scheduling, warehouse management, human resources and e-business. SYSPRO is used by some 14,000 sites across the world. K3 Business Technology Group is part of K3 Business Technology PLC which is a global leader in providing next-generation enterprise software for businesses in the retail, manufacturing and distribution sectors. With more than 3,000 customer installations in over 30 countries, K3 is recognised as a safe, innovative and reliable provider of world-class solutions, backed by world-class service.