Storage container manufacturer STAKRAK offer innovative reusable folding boxes and containers

Optimising storage space, reducing return costs along with easy and flexible handling are likely to be among the main aims and objectives for most re-usable container applications. To help users achieve these objectives storage specialists STAKRAK LTD offer an extensive and recently extended range of folding boxes and containers which provide capacities from 22 litres up to 165 litres.

As a result of their innovative design Stakrak collapsible boxes reduce storage volumes by up to 80% thanks to features such as smooth, vertical sides which optimise storage capacity by allowing for full volume. They are quick and easy to use as they fold flat in seconds and are stackable with or without lid, folded or open.

Made from industrial quality recyclable polypropylene they are durable and robust to withstand the rigours of repeated use and thanks to their innovative design have become the preferred choice with many Supply Chain professionals. They can have interlocking lids for optimal safety and are designed for European standard pallet modular systems.

Other features and options include, full range of modular sizes, hinged lids on the long or short side, location position for bar codes, label holder, anti-theft device for end panels, and the facility for individual hot foil printing for corporate ID requirements.