SSI Schaefer New Major Enhancements to Standard Conveyor Systems

SSI Schaefer has successfully introduced a new bespoke 'silent conveying system' into the logistics and warehousing market, following customer demand across a number of industry sectors, designed to reduce noise levels across an entire conveying system.

The silent conveyor system, developed where an extensive amount of conveyor is required to keep the noise level down, is part of SSI Schaefer's integrated initiative for higher performance through ergonomic design whilst using new technology and features that can easily be implemented into existing conveying systems installed by SSI Schaefer - also supporting Schaefer's modular approach to system development, enabling a company to invest in stages over time.

Available with a number of noise-optimised components including; an electric option on the conveyor belt diverter and stopper instead of pneumatic stroke, vibration-reduced SMR mounting and totes with noise-absorbing bases, the silent conveying system allows noise levels to be reduced across the whole conveying system or at particular points only, for example at areas close to highly efficient man-powered workstations.

In collaboration with an acoustics company, all components were thoroughly analysed to reduce noise levels which has now resulted in a silent conveying system that is barely audible in many working environments, a step on from Schaefer's existing conveying system that is among the most silent products on the market.

In addition to the above enhancement, SSI Schaefer has also introduced a new, dynamic flow control system to overcome stop-start of transported goods at merge points. The introduction of this system in itself also further contributes to noise-reduction, while at the same time providing a throughput enhancement potential of 15% to 25% at critical positions of the system.

It works by dynamically altering the flow timing of products, creating a spatial window for merged items to fall into without the need for them to 'stop and wait' for a space on the conveyor.

This smoothened flow of transported goods provides a constant load for downstream operations and systems, while the gentler flow with no hard start-stop operation results in less 'product shake' and reduced wear on the conveying system.

This system is retrofittable for existing SMR-based systems.