Specialist maintenance company Axis uses Cybit Fleetstar-Online vehicle tracking

to meet stringent two-hour emergency call-outs

Unique management reports provide instant information to deploy engineers across wide territory – from London to Birmingham Will use Cybit solution across entire fleet of 130 vehicles

Cybit, the UK's leading online Telematics Service Provider, has won a major order from Axis, the leading social housing maintenance and refurbishment company. Axis will use Cybit's Fleetstar-Online solution to cut out unnecessary cost in this low-growth economy, and at the same time maintain critical SLAs.

Axis offers a two-hour emergency call-out for its housing association clients – in addition to scheduled maintenance – and can now instantly locate the nearest engineer to a quick-response job and re-assign its fleet accordingly. As well as real-time visibility, Fleetstar will enable Axis to capture and analyse strategic fleet information and optimise its entire fleet, which covers housing from London to Birmingham.

"We inherited Vehicle Tracking in some vans when we took over a contract for Denne Maintenance and immediately recognised the benefits of it," commented Liam Hayes, Performance Management Assistant, Axis. "As most of our workload is highly reactive, it is important that we can rapidly deploy our engineers. Fleetstar allows us to see immediately where every one of our vehicles is and to send the closest and best-equipped engineer for the job."

Axis will use Cybit's advanced reporting tools to monitor driver performance, mileage, speed and location as well as monitor out-of-hours usage. Fleetstar can also alert fleet managers of vehicle service intervals. "Fleetstar makes all fleet information highly accessible," continued Liam Hayes. "Cybit's consultants worked with us to extract the information we need and showed how to use this data to generate cost and fuel savings throughout the fleet.

"We're now implementing a points system to highlight and manage speeding trends, which will improve the performance of all our vehicles and help us with compliance issues," Liam Hayes concluded.

"Reactive businesses such as Axis have to monitor their vehicles so closely that vehicle tracking can provide a business-critical tool," commented John Wisdom, Sales and Marketing Director, Cybit. "There are huge cost savings available in this low-growth economy through the effective deployment of telematics – short term these can reach around ten percent. Strategic analysis in the long term can also unlock further hidden benefits to really improve the bottom line."

Fleetstar-Online is Cybit's industry leading, scalable suite of Internet-based Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and vehicle tracking tools. The high quality data relating vehicle and job performance is captured in conjunction with location information, reported and analysed through Fleetstar. This allows meaningful business decisions to be made using up to the minute information on operational performance. Powerful reporting capabilities facilitate effective management of operational costs and productivity; support strategic initiatives around Carbon footprint; and increase compliance with legislation including Duty of Care and Health and Safety. The strategic importance of Fleetstar-generated information extends beyond vehicle tracking into the heart of the enterprise: Fleet derived information can be directly integrated into a range of business systems to improve the efficiency of the entire organisation. Fleetstar provides the business-critical information that organisations need to execute a clear and rapid path to return on investment.

About Axis

Axis specialises in the improvement and maintenance of Housing, Retail and Commercial properties. Axis has experienced continual growth since its establishment in 1986 and is a values led company with eight founding principles. Axis has grown its turnover to more than £51m and established operations throughout the Midlands, East Anglia, London and Kent. It employs over 400 people. www.axiseurope.com

About Cybit:

Cybit is a global force in Telematics, operating within three core sectors: Internet-based vehicle Telematics solutions; Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) Management; and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) based asset tracking and precise positioning solutions.

In the vehicle Telematics sector, Cybit is one of Europe's leading Telematics Service Providers. More than 2,000 business-to-business clients use the company's fleet and asset management solutions to manage in excess of 50,000 assets primarily in the public sector, service industries and logistics and distribution markets. Solutions include in-vehicle technologies, workflow management, CanBus integration and internet-based monitoring and reporting software. The company also provides consulting services to advise on operational and legal issues such as duty of care and working hours.

Cybit is also a global leader in the field of EEZ fisheries management, tracking many thousands of fishing vessels on a daily basis. The company provides vessel monitoring and catch management solutions for many of the world's major fishing nations. As well as EC governments including the UK, Ireland and Greece, Cybit helps to manage valuable fishing stocks for emerging nations such as Ghana, Namibia and Mozambique.

Cybit's PMR business provides asset-tracking and precise positioning solutions for both maritime and land-based applications including mineral exploration and coastal security. Its precise positioning solutions are in constant use in the location and exploitation of oil, gas and mineral reserves around the globe.

Additional information is available at www.cybitholdings.com, www.cybit.co.uk, www.truck24.com, www.amatics.com, www.cybitpositioningsolutions.co.uk and www.bluefinger.com