SMG GROUP sign contract with Clarus Products International to distribute Q Link line

A high tech product which is transforming the well-being (or wellness) and performance of thousands of users worldwide will be distributed across the UK and Ireland by a Plymouth-based company, following the landmark deal.

SMG GROUP (Europe) Ltd has signed a lucrative contract with California-based Clarus Products International LLC to provide distribution and reseller development services for its hugely popular Q-Link line.

SMG will be able to utilise more than 2,000 outlets, through its network of approved retail outlets and partners in the UK and Ireland, to greatly enhance Clarus's customer base.

From its warehouse base on Plymouth International Business Park, the company's fully-trained and experienced staff will also provide sales and service support for Clarus.

Enjoyed and relied on by people of all interests and ages, including scores of professional sportsmen around the globe, Q-Link manufactures a range of "body" and "space" products, including pendants, bracelets and USB powered units, which use proprietary "Sympathetic Resonance Technology", or "SRT-3" as it is commonly called, to rebalance and optimize a person's natural energy or 'biofield'.

British Ryder Cup golfer Justin Rose and fellow pro Ernie Els are among scores of sport stars who have endorsed the products, which are also reportedly worn by celebrities including Madonna, Simon Le Bon and Jerry Hall.

With more than 1 Million of its products sold throughout the world for the past 20 years - rigorous independent testing has shown the products help users, many of them sportsmen, improve their performance by increasing mental focus.

Q-Link products help people lead better, more productive lives by naturally improving their body's energy system - and by enhancing their body's innate resistance to a variety of life's stressors - including EMF (electromagnetic fields) generated by electronic and electric items such as computers and mobile phones.

Clarus selected SMG because of its proven track record in high volume distribution and substantial retail client base, which give the US firm the opportunity to greatly increase its customer numbers.

SMG Managing Director Chris Northmore said the landmark deal would be the catalyst for a period of significant growth for the company, which was established 37 years ago and distributes innovative technology products for many big name clients, such as Garmin.

"The Q-Link range is one of the most exciting and significant series of products in its particular sector with truly global significance," said Chris.

"They have a long established and proven track record of improving individual well-being (or wellness) as well as sporting performance and I am delighted SMG will play such a significant role in its continued success story."

Clarus is one of the world's leading innovative technology companies in the human wellness and performance sector. Since the early 1990s, it has devoted its skill and expertise to improving and optimizing products, raw materials and energy systems that all support better living.

They have achieved this through significant breakthroughs in the field of energy resonance, which has led to its range of wearable products and powered units for hand-held and other electronic devices.

Richard Gray, CEO of Clarus, said: "We're very excited about the potential that SMG's resources and retail customers represent for Clarus and Q-Link® products.

"The UK and Ireland markets have traditionally responded well to our product offerings and SMG's experience and established retail outlets will simply help us reach and benefit even more customers."