Smarter palletising solutions

The new OPTILEDGE palletising system offers a smarter way to transport goods, with potential to generate real cost savings and also benefits in terms of improved efficiency, maximised payloads, reduced storage space and a low carbon footprint.

Manufactured in high impact resistant Polypropylene, the Optiledge is 100% recyclable and is an innovative concept, as it's designed to make the load platform fit the shape and size of the goods, rather than the goods having to conform to a pre-determined sized pallet.

Being easily adaptable to different applications, the Optiledge is a versatile solution, enabling the perfect unit load….eliminating under and over hang, reducing product damage, dramatically reduced storage space and reducing empty air in warehouses & containers with significantly increased fill rates.

Each Optilege is ultra light, weighing in at only 454g, yet it has a load capacity of 1360 kg dynamic & 2712 kg static and can be manufactured with antistatic properties.

Made out of PP, the Optiledge is washable, nestable, hygenic & phytosanitary (ISPM 15) compliant, moisture & contaminant free.

At the end of its long life, the Optiledge is totally recyclable with considerable recycled value and hence eliminates waste to landfill costs.

With significantly increased shipping volume per load…approx 10,000 optiledge compared to 528 euro pallets, payloads are improved, fuel consumption and transport costs are significantly reduced and storage costs are slashed, giving the Optiledge an environmentally friendly low carbon footprint.

The Optiledge can act as a retail ready unit load, promoting reduced unloading and is not only economical, but a plus for health & safety, with no nails or splinters. For non self-supporting goods, the Optiledge can be supplied with a very light and strong base board.

With a limitless range of applications…from furniture, electronics and aircraft seats to a variety of air freight shipments, the Optiledge is the smart new concept in palletising, which can often reduce costs compared with the traditional wooden pallet.

Now available in the UK from OPTILOAD LTD of Nantwich.

Optiload Ltd

T: 01785 280312