RAVAS' Weigh in Motion technology nominated for IFOY Award

RAVAS, a leader in the development of mobile weighing systems, is proud to announce that it has been nominated for the International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award with its innovative Weigh in Motion technology recently launched at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart

A prestigious award

Known as one of the most prestigious awards within the international forklift industry, the IFOY Award highlights the most innovative and impactful developments within the industry. RAVAS is honored to be nominated in the Special of the Year category, which specifically focuses on innovations that contribute to improved profitability, sustainability and working conditions.

"This nomination is confirmation of our commitment to innovation and quality," said Michael van Dijk, International Key Account Manager at RAVAS. "Our Weigh in Motion technology is a revolutionary step forward in optimizing logistics processes and increasing workplace safety. We are proud of this recognition and the potential this technology holds for the industry."

Test Camp Intralogistics: April 10-11, 2024

RAVAS is looking forward with great anticipation to participating in the Test Camp Intralogistics event, an essential part of the IFOY Award ceremonies taking place April 10 and 11 in Dortmund. "This event offers a unique opportunity to present our nominated Weigh in Motion technology up close and personal to an international audience of industry professionals and experts. Visitors of Test Camp will have the opportunity to experience the functionality, efficiency and impact of our Weigh in Motion. Our team is ready to show how Weigh in Motion is shaping the future of logistical operations, by optimizing work processes and promoting safety and sustainability. We invite everyone to visit us during Test Camp Intralogistics and experience the benefits for themselves," said Bert de Greeff, Global Manager Marketing, Communication & Product Management at RAVAS.

RAVAS The power of Weigh in MotionRAVAS : The power of Weigh in Motion

RAVAS-developed Weigh in Motion technology, implemented on an intelligent carriage plate (iCP) for forklift trucks, enables accurate weighing of loads while the forklift is in motion. This innovation eliminates the need to stop in order to weigh, leading to significant time and cost savings. It also increases workplace safety by eliminating unnecessary movement and manual handling.

Integrating Weigh in Motion technology with existing TMS, WMS or ERP systems enables companies to perform real-time weight checks, optimize loads and prevent over- or under-loading. This allows for more efficient operations and maximizes productivity, while also automatically collecting and analyzing data for better decision-making. Combining this also with proper integration with sizing methods creates a powerful total solution. Michael van Dijk, International Key Account Manager at RAVAS, says: "My experience with customers is that at least 20% of pallet weights are incorrect, and this has a major impact on operations."