Protective coatings company CIN awarded CE Marking for anticorrosive products

CIN's protective coatings products Anticorrosive C-CRYL® W700 HB, C-CRYL® S410 HB and C-CRYL® S420 HB have now been awarded CE Marking and a Declaration of Conformity issued by a notified body. The CE Marking attests to the conformity of these products with the applicable European Community directives, allowing for their free circulation within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Reinaldo Campos, Director of Marketing Strategy and Business Development, said "This CE accreditation marks yet another achievement in the fields of innovation and development. It represents a big step forward in the sense of guaranteeing the availability of high quality products in the market and reinforces the leadership of our brand."

With the publication of European Norm EN 1504-2: 2004, CE Marking has become compulsory for products and systems used for the protection and repair of concrete structures. This norm relates to coatings specially developed to provide a continuous protective layer over a concrete surface so as to maintain the integrity of the structure. This is a highly specialised area requiring high performance coatings rather than conventional paints used in civil construction.

CE Marking applies to products covered by The New Approach Standardisation Directives which relate specifically to safety, mechanical resistance, stability, energy efficiency, public health and the protection of the environment.

CIN operates exclusively in the paint and varnish market and is the leader in the Iberian Peninsula with a turnover in 2008 of €217 million. The company produces and distributes products for the Decorative and Civil Construction segments, plus Protective and Industrial Coatings (metal and wood). CIN occupied the 41st place in the world rankings of producers of paint and varnish in 2009 (Ref: Coatings World). With production units in Portugal, Spain, France, Angola and Mozambique, CIN distributes its products in the Iberian Peninsula through a network of its own stores, as well as franchises, concessions and authorized retailers. It also exports to various markets in Central Europe and Latin America.