PFE Express drives down transport costs through better loads with TOPS software

PFE Express drives down transport costs through better loads with TOPS software
PFE Express drives down transport costs through better loads with TOPS software

PFE Express, a leading force in the UK freight forwarding and logistics market for over 25 years, is using the TOPS LoadStak Pro and MaxLoad Pro software from AutoLogic Systems to maximise their pallet and container fill in order to drive down transport costs.

LoadStak Pro is designed for pallet optimisation. It creates pallet patterns and optimises fill based on the dimensions of a company’s cartons and pallets. MaxLoad Pro focuses on container fill and configuration.

PFE Express typically receives containers of various items to be unloaded and uses LoadStak Pro to calculate how best to palletise it for either storage in their warehouse or onward transport to customers.

By using MaxLoad Pro, PFE Express are able to ensure that inbound orders will fit in a specified container and then optimise the remaining container space by adding additional product.

Additionally, when PFE Express ship on mixed pallets, they are able to work out how many pallets will be required and generate clear instructions on how they should be packed.

In all cases, the output from the software is step by step instructions on how to load the pallet or container.

Aron Newton of PFE Express says: “It was quickly becoming apparent that as our volume of customers and the range of products grew, we needed something far more sophisticated than the system we were previously using. The TOPS software was recommended to us and it was quickly evident that it had all the functionality we needed and more.”

Up to five members of the PFE team use both LoadStak Pro and MaxLoad Pro on a daily basis, whether it is optimising a pallet build, working out how to best load a container or proactively working with a customer to re-design a carton so they can fit more product on a pallet.

“The software is detailed but relatively easy to use and has the capability to solve complex load requirements by taking into account every single element to maximise each pallet or container used. It creates clear efficiencies and reduces transport costs for both us and our customers.

“There’s almost no limits to the software’s usability either as once you’ve optimised a load to one level, there is always the possibility of testing the adjustment of a different element which starts the whole improvement cycle once again. We are really happy with both products.”

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