Pedersen Contracting Services Expands Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Fleet

For Work In The Poultry Industry

Pedersen Contracting Services of Woodall Spa in Lincolnshire has purchased eight new Bobcat skid steer loaders from Scunthorpe based AMS Bobcat, the authorised Bobcat dealer for Lincolnshire and South and East Yorkshire. The new Bobcat skid steer loaders, which comprise a mixture of S100 and S150 models, are in use in on going contracts to remove poultry litter from farms throughout the East of England and Midlands from County Durham in the North to Stowmarket in the South.

Established in 1976, Pedersen is the largest independent cleaning out contractor in the poultry industry in the UK and numbers all of the blue chip producers among its client base, including Noble Foods, Moy Park, Hook2Sisters, Cherry Valley and Lincs Chickens. The company offers customers a complete service, removing and loading bird litter from poultry houses and then transporting it to one of three places power stations, local farmers for spreading on the land or to major compost suppliers.

The company estimates that it clears around 150 million ft2 of chicken, turkey and duck litter from poultry sheds each year as well as removing around 20 tonnes of chicken litter alone, every month. Pedersen supplies much of this chicken litter to the FibroThetford Power Station at Thetford in Norfolk, which burns chicken litter exclusively to produce power for the National Grid.

Mike Pedersen, Managing Director of Pedersen Contracting Services said: "The proven reliability of Bobcat skid-steer loaders is extremely important to us, as we push the loaders to their limits by working them continuously in cramped and demanding conditions. AMS Bobcat has worked closely with us for the last 17-18 years and the first-rate back-up they give us on the Bobcat range is a key reason for our continued faith in Bobcat machinery."

The eight new Bobcat skid-steer loaders bring the number of machines in the Pedersen Bobcat fleet to 45, including several of the larger S220 skid-steer loaders and two T2250 telehandlers, making the company the largest independent user of Bobcat machinery in the UK. The company uses a range of Bobcat attachments on the machines including brushes, grapples, forks, grabs and buckets to complete the cleaning work inside the poultry sheds.

In the chicken sheds, Pedersen uses the Bobcat S100 and S150 skid-steer loaders to clear bird litter from under the eaves of poultry sheds, into a central gangway where the telehandlers take over and use their telescopic reach to remove the piles of litter and load them into a waiting lorry. The S220 skid-steer loaders are used in the duck and turkey industries, where a single, bigger machine is required to handle both the clearing and loading duties.

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