Paragon Software Systems help transport companies optimise driver utilisation

Paragon Software Systems has developed special software to help transport managers cut costs by optimising driver utilisation. Paragon Resource Manager gives a bird's eye view of company and agency drivers and vehicles with their availability and capabilities. By incorporating this into the transport planning process, the software ensures the efficient use of all available resources, cuts overtime costs, and reduces the need for costly agency drivers.

The advanced resource-managed planning solution compiles data about all drivers and vehicles used by a company, including their availability and hours worked each day. Transport managers use this information to create Working Time Directive (WTD) compliant schedules with even workloads that limit use of agency drivers and vehicles. By levelling driver workloads over a period, this reduces overtime costs and the need for extra agency drivers, as well as giving transport managers greater flexibility at peak times.

The software creates a full picture of the fleet and can catalogue each vehicle type, quickly identifying vehicles off road (VOR) and allocating alternatives. It also helps ensure the most appropriate vehicle is assigned to a specific job.

Paragon Resource Manager integrates with Paragon routing and scheduling software to produce fully optimised transport plans incorporating driver and vehicle data. The added dimension of utilising real-time data from vehicle tracking systems is possible using Paragon Fleet Controller. This enables transport plans to be adjusted through the working day, reallocating resources without affecting service levels.