Packaging solutions company Pregis introduce compact Airspeed Smart void fill system

Pregis Protective Packaging Europe has introduced an upgraded version of the compact model in its Airspeed range of void fill systems.

The Airspeed Smart offers a convenient and cost-effective means of creating inflatable cushions on-demand for smaller work areas or decentralised work station packing operations.

The machine's compact dimensions and total portability mean it can be easily moved to different areas as required. Its quiet operation enables it to work efficiently without interfering with conversation or on-going business. The Airspeed Smart is also very easy to use, with simple loading and press start.

Additional features for the latest model include a timer function to enable the machine to stop operating after a given period of activity. It can then be easily restarted by pressing the foot pedal. A sensor has also been added to enable the machine to work with state-of-the art delivery systems, controlling the feeding of film from the overhead bin.

Technical enhancements have further improved seal quality and ensure fully inflated pillows for better cushionablity. The Smart™ can be used with a variety of film options including low density polyethylene (LDPE), 250mm HP film and the recently introduced EP-Flex™ Renew™ bio-degradable film. Inflatable cushions of varying lengths and air fill levels can be produced, customised to individual product requirements. All films are 100% recyclable and have excellent strength, with outstanding air retention and puncture resistance.

The upgraded Smart joins Pregis's extensive Airspeed range which offers a choice of equipment to meet the varying needs for transit and protective packaging, including high speed and heavy duty models. All feature rugged construction and reliable operation for long term durability and are suitable for a wide variety of end markets, including aerospace, automotive, books, computers, electronics, glass, household and industrial products, medical supplies and pharmaceutical.

Pregis offers a consultation service to recommend the appropriate Airspeed system and support the design and implementation of state-of-the-art delivery systems, tailored to individual customer requirements in terms of available space, usage and the level of protection needed. In addition, the company provides a comprehensive installation and after sales service, and full operator training.

Air cushions offer a practical and flexible solution for protective transit packaging. Because they are only inflated when needed, they take up less storage space than many alternatives such as loose-fill peanuts. In addition, air pillows are clean, neat and non-abrasive.

"The upgraded Airspeed™ Smart™ is a valuable addition to our range, "comments Hamadi Ettarfass, Pregis's Business Development Director Systems.

"Its compact dimensions and excellent functionality make it a very versatile machine that delivers benefits to a large number of end users."