OSS Group provides oil filter fragmentation service for waste companies

100percent recovery. 205 240 litre bins. All filters.

Waste management companies can now dispose of metal oil and fuel filters at the

purpose built fragmentation plant run by the OSS Group in Mersyside.

The plant can process all types of used metal oil filters. Delivery can be in

either 205litre drums or 240litre wheelie bins. Alternatively OSS can collect

from any location in the UK subject to a transport charge. The service includes

the cleaning of the bins.

The plant, which opened last year, is one of only a limited number in the UK.

Fully compliant, it shreds the filters and separates the basic elements of

metal, plastic, paper and residual waste oils, recovering 100 percent for recycling.

OSS recovers the oil for use as a feedstock for its fuel oil product, NexGen

CFO. The various solid waste streams are cleaned, packaged and sent to re


The fragmentation plant is available to third party customers at the current

rates of 9GBP for each 205litre and 10GBP for each 240litre bin delivered to its

site in Knowsley, Merseyside. The cost covers the full cleaning of the

containers used to transport the filters.

According to Group Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bridgens, "This is one of

only a very few of such plants in the UK that is licensed to receive and handle

hazardous waste. Our process, now classed as the best available technology,

means that all the waste we receive is recovered."

OSS can be contacted on 0870 2401 055.