Newtec Palletizer Series PL 820 innovations

Newtec designs and installs high speed palletisation systems for the agri food industry.

The PL 820 series palletizers for high speed unit loads can manage rates of up to 400 layers hour with automatic changes of product formats.

These palletizers can be used for a single production line, or for several lines this is the newtec multi line offering. In the latter case, they make it possible to connect several production lines to only one PL 820 range palletizer.

Here, upstream of the palletizer, the production from each line is accumulated on a table or an accumulation conveyer. As soon as the number of packets corresponding to a complete pallet is reached, the whole load is transferred automatically to the palletizer.

They make it possible to have complete and automatic control of all peripherals

- separator feeds

- various formats and/or types of empty pallet feeds…

They make it possible to handle all formats of cases, food trays (with or without holders, filmed or not), and packs of bottles gathered starting from the pack of 4.

The newtec PL 820 series palletizer handles up to 60 pallets/hour and can achieve up to 400 layers/hour.


- Pallet Factory®: this software enables the interfacing of all the data from the palletization system with the customers' information and production systems (e.g. CAM, WMS…) and produces production reports as well as providing automatic maintenance management, and alerts operators by mobile phone or pager in the event of anomalies. Moreover, this system enables increased traceability. The Pallet Factory® graphical user interface is user friendly and makes it possible to easily and safely parameterize the palletizer(s).

- Strapping of the layer before or after unloading.

- Centering the 4 faces under the curtain.

- Opening of the curtain in line with or perpendicular to the machine.

- Height of the machine adjustable according to the building and height of the pallets.

- Check the heights of the packages at the entrance to the machine.

- Automatic checking of the quality of the empty pallets.

- Separator or film dispenser.

- Recorded remote video monitoring of the palletization process.

- Electric or hydraulic pallet lift.


Palletization of loads, packs, cartons, cases …

Drink, frozen, dairy product, solid agri-food markets …