New ZX88 Modular Hoists Goes into Production

and ZX6-8 Hoists Take-up Lifts Off as Development Advances

The latest hoist model to enter production at Street Crane Company is the ZX88. At 25 tonnes safe working load, this is the largest model in the ZX6-8 range.This unit follows the same design principles as other hoists in the series with unitary construction, open plan design and standardisation of components.

This ensures easy customisation to meet different national standards and customer lifting needs. ZX hoists can be supplied in kit form for local assembly and are exceptionally competitive.

Launched in the spring of 2008, after an intensive £1.5 million three-year development programme, Street Crane has sold more than 500 units of their ZX6-8 hoists. The company feels the optimism in the investment is fully justified.

The ZX88 marks the final phase in the 0-25 tonnes programme, which also sees even more new crane builders joining the growing network of international trade partners.

"Although complete cranes remain a very important part of our business, the supply of crane kits and hoists (all the components needed to make a crane except the beams) represents more than half of our turnover and we expect this growth to continue. This collaborative approach has allowed us to build a world network of partners," commented Street Crane managing director Andrew Pimblett.

Reinforcing the point, Street Crane's presence in Australia has been boosted by two further trade partners. Supercrane and SLP in Western Australia and Modularcranes in Victoria are now offering Street ZX6-8 hoists as part of their crane ranges.

Further development of the Street Crane hoist range continues. Based on the same design and engineering principles of the ZX6-8, the ZX10 is well advanced with launch planned in 2009. This will take the capacity of these new generation modular hoists to 50 tonnes SWL.

Street Crane also produces and offers to their international trade partners, the custom built VX Hoist. This is a heavy duty model for use in arduous and extreme conditions that is available in capacities up to 200 tonnes SWL.

Supporting the development programme, Street Crane is currently extending

and reorganising their Chapel-en-le-Frith factory. This will increase the capacity for whole crane production and support the expanding international hoist and major sub-systems business.