New rotary sensor launched by Contelec suitable for maritime applications

Redundancy creates safety. This is the simple formula on which the completely redundant Vert-X 51 rotary sensor, launched by Contelec, is based. Equipped with a CANopen interface, the basic GL (German Lloyd)-certified angle sensor is suitable for maritime applications. It makes use of tried and tested Vert-X technology and is extremely rugged and reliable.

The actual highlight of the rotary sensor is complete electrical redundancy, with two completely separated measurement systems, electrically separated feeds and two independent outputs. This duplication achieves new dimensions of safety in maritime steering applications. The other features of the redundant Vert-X 51 CANopen angle sensor are just as impressive. They are comparable with optical absolute encoders, but cost much less for the same performance, with 0.1% linearity, 0.1° repeatability and 16-bit resolution.

A further impressive feature of the angle sensor is its high degree of flexibility. Its modular basic structure, combined with the integration of a powerful processor unit, makes it possible to economically manufacture individualized rotary sensors with customer-specific functions, interfaces, characteristic curves and communication protocols.