New hand held barcode readers from SICK

NEW IDM 120 and 140 hand held barcode readers from SICK (UK) set the benchmark in productivity, accuracy and consistent data capture for all business environments, from the office and warehouse to the factory floor and logistics.

High scanning rates, long depths of field, tough build quality and ergonomic in-the-hand design ensure the new IDM 120 and 140 scanners excellent reliability throughout industrial and commercial/retail business.

"We've designed the IDM scanners to take all the knocks, yet still provide accurate data, year in and year out, "comments Tim Stokes, Barcode Product Manager for SICK (UK).

"As well as reading all popular 1D barcodes including postal and GS1 DataBar, they are quick to set up, easy to aim and use and are compatible with different computer interfaces - PS/2, USB and RS232. They are dust and dirt protected, there are no internal moving parts for added reliability, and the scanners are tested by dropping them from waist height on to concrete, up to 25 times."

The IDM120 offers reading rates of up to 200 scans a minute with distances from contact up to 15cm away, for rapid and precise reading; barcodes up to 120mm in width can be scanned. The trigger button either side of the handle, simplifies left or right hand operation and the reader only weighs 120 gms.

The high performance IDM140 uses new linear imaging technology to be able to read poorly printed or damaged codes, up to 30 cm away and up to 500 scans a minute. This high performance helps reduce time consuming manual code inputs, common with goods in logistics or long term storage. The light 160gm scanner has a comfortable, ergonomically-shaped handle, with a central trigger for left or right hand use.

For more information on the SICK IDM 120 and 140 please contact: Ann Attridge or Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email or