New Freepost curtainsider offers faster, safer and more flexible loading and unloading

Schmitz Cargobull has launched its new S.CS Freepost curtainsided trailer.

Because the new S.CS Freepost does not have any sideposts, the entire length of the trailer is unobstructed and can be used for loading and unloading - bringing huge advances in flexibility and efficiency. The absence of sideposts means that the S.CS Freepost is easy to approach and makes loading and unloading faster and safer.

A prototype of the new model - which is made from 99 per cent recyclable materials - was unveiled to a number of the company's key clients at an open day at Schmitz Cargobull's UK factory at Harelaw, County Durham, in Autumn of last year and, following feedback from the event, a number of modifications were implemented before the launch.

The result is a vehicle that is ultra driver - and user-friendly, fuel efficient and built to the highest standards using strong, yet lightweight, galvanized steel. In short, Schmitz Cargobull believes that the new S.CS Freepost raises the bar in trailer design.

The new Freepost's roof has been redesigned so that it now tapers to the front giving a more streamlined overall effect. This has improved the trailer's aerodynamics and reduced wind resistance significantly - making the trailer notably more fuel-efficient.

The roof itself is constructed from modular galvanized steel sheets in place of the aluminium sheeting that has traditionally been used. The new steel roof has a number of key advantages over its aluminium predecessor - it is stronger, lighter and easier to manufacture as well as being easier to repair in the event of damage. Furthermore, the lighter roof reduces the overall weight of the trailer which adds to the trailer's fuel efficiency.

A new front bulkhead with galvanized steel corner posts and a new integral kick strip from the chassis front member has also been introduced. The new bulkhead not only adds strength to the overall design but also improves attachment to the chassis.

Schmitz Cargobull has also reconfigured the top of the front bulk head to allow more space for the curtain pole to be stored. The clearance at the top of the curtain pole has been maximized at the pelmet and self-locating pole guides top and bottom are mounted on a stainless steel ratchet assembly. This ensures that the curtain is extremely user friendly and simple for the driver to work with. Integral pole guides keep the pole in true alignment - thereby avoiding curtain wrinkles and creases.

Operator friendliness has been further enhanced by the use of buckles that are quick and simple to fasten and release, as well as straightforward controls that are easy to follow and arranged in an ergonomically comfortable position.

Schmitz Cargobull's design team also focused on the cantrails and the transverse bracing bars. These have been designed to match chassis stiffness which means that the roof structure is flexible, yet sufficiently rigid to cope with the requirements of the most demanding operations.

To provide extra rigidity, the new Freepost's corner posts feature a 60mm cross section to allow improved access to the rear curtain pole. This feature not only provides additional strength, it also creates extra space in the posts which allows better curtain wrap on the rear curtain poles. The extra space makes it easier to install and stow the curtain.

When it comes to the rear of the trailer, the new Freepost now incorporates Schmitz Cargobull's new 'mono hinge' rear door design. The 'mono hinge' allows for a greater contact area within the rear frame and when combined with an improved rear door seal, gives superior weather protection. Featuring double lock rods, the 'mono hinge' doors are also easy to repair should the trailer be involved in an accident.

The trailer is constructed using Schmitz Cargobull's bolted and galvanized production technique. Essentially, the bolted and galvanized system removes the need for any welding and, therefore, results in consistently high product quality. The galvanizing process - all parts of the chassis are galvanized before the build process takes place - ensures that there is no corrosion within the joint when two parts of the trailer are brought together. Schmitz Cargobull offers a 10 year anti-corrosion warranty on the Galvanized chassis as standard.

Because of its bolted construction method, the S.CS Freepost chassis is easily repaired if it becomes damaged. The damaged part is simply unbolted and removed and the replacement part added - no cutting or welding is required and specialist tools are not needed.

David Pressley, Schmitz Cargobull's Product Manager (UK) commented: "Whenever Schmitz Cargobull design a new product or develop an existing range, we have the needs of the end user at heart. The reaction to the new S.CS Freepost when we unveiled it to clients last Autumn was overwhelmingly positive but our customers' comments were extremely useful. We have listened to what users of the product told us could be improved and the result is a trailer designed, developed and built in the UK for the UK and Irish market that offers faster, safer and more flexible loading and unloading for the ultimate in efficiency."

David Pressley adds: "Drivers will appreciate the many improvements we have made to the curtains, the buckles and the extra space we have created for the curtain pole to be stored. We believe they will feel instantly familiar with the trailer."

"In addition, the design and construction methods used in the production of the new trailer will ensure that workshop engineers find the S.CS Freepost easy to maintain and repair with all key components easily accessible. This will mean greatly reduced trailer downtime."