MIRA test gives the green light to Spedian SuperLite system

MIRA test gives the green light to Spedian SuperLite system
MIRA test gives the green light to Spedian SuperLite system

Specialist vehicle graphics company Spedian™, renowned for its unique reusable graphics system, has recently put its latest product – Spedian SuperLite at one of the world’s leading testing grounds to ensure that it meets the stringent quality standards which have become the hallmark of the Spedian™ brand.

The Spedian SuperLite System is adaptable to all shapes and sizes of vehicle and is the only ‘invisible’ vehicle graphics frame system available with no bolts, rivets, screws or aluminium or plastic frame required to fix the advertising panel to the vehicle.

It is however the reduced weight which makes Spedian SuperLite a particularly compelling proposition.  Typically a 3.5m box van system will weigh just 340g or 15g per linear metre whereas equivalent weight for other systems available in the market are over 19kg.

Spedian SuperLite systemDuring a recent test at MIRA the Spedian SuperLite system proved that, in spite of being the lightest reusable vehicle graphics system available in the world, it could withstand the elements and whether it be water, speed, or abuse testing the SpedianSuperLite system stayed intact living up to its reputation for robustness and longevity.

The system was subjected to washing resilience, aerodynamic loading and abuse and repair simulation testing and throughout the test activities, observations were made on visible movement of the graphics including rippling bulging, and flapping, any losses in adhesive retention, any additional unzipping of adhesive tape or tearing where sheets were intentionally cut and ease of repair and post repair.

A total of five Spedian products were tested ranging from van, truck and trailer and refuse vehicle applications with the overall result that in each case there was no loss in visible adhesive retention and no rippling of graphics sheets.

Test vehicles included a Ford Transit and Mercedes Atego 7.5T Box Body LCV.

The Spedian SuperLite van graphics system was mounted to both side of the body, rear doors and side door of the Ford Transit Ford Transit test vehicle.

The Mercedes box truck test vehicles was fitted with the Spedian SuperLite truck graphics system on one side and refuse vehicle application on the other.

Go Pro cameras were attached to both sides of each vehicle to capture video footage of the vehicle body, side door graphics on the van and vehicle box body graphics on the truck

The test comprised washing robustness, aero loading with both vehicles driven for two laps whilst being filmed at maximum achievable speed and finally with various levels of abuse testing at maximum achievable speed.   Throughout the stringent testing process the product showed no deformation or flapping nor did the product show any noticeable reduction in adhesive retention or any additional tearing in the abuse tests.

It has been 14 years since the Spedian System was first tested at MIRA introduced into the marketplace and never once has there been a failure. This was the second time the Spedian system has been tested at MIRA with the first test undertaken on an earlier version of the Spedian system again passing with flying colours.

The Spedian System™ is the most advanced vehicle graphic system on the market; it is the world’s only reusable vehicle graphic system with no visible frame with a UK & USA patent and is in daily use by many companies and individuals.

Spedian CEO Lawrence Craig commented:  “We are delighted at the results of the MIRA test.  We have invested heavily in research and development during which we conducted our own trials to ensure that we delivered a product which met the standards required by operators.

“The launch of Spedian SuperLite is one of the most ground breaking developments within the vehicle livery industry as it provides total flexibility.

Guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle, all Spedian products are maintenance free and its HD product is guaranteed to stay colourfast from 12 months - always staying as clean as the vehicle.

Totally user friendly the Spedian SuperLite System provides total flexibility.  Not only is it quick and easy to install – less than one hour – it can also be easily removed with no damage to the vehicle substrate which is an added benefit for leased vehicles.   It can also be used with all other systems easily allowing systems to be easily interchanged.   Further if required the panels can be de-installed and re-used or simply recycled.

Companies such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Canadian Tire in North America and Costco, Sainsbury’s, Castrol, in the UK all experience the ease that Spedian brings to truck graphics.

The system has also recently been tested on rail freight containers and exposed to winter temperatures of -40C over 3600 miles – once again, it passed.