Meachers Operations Director Rob Lewis steps down after 42 years

Meachers Operations Director Rob Lewis steps down after 42 years
Meachers Operations Director Rob Lewis steps down after 42 years

Meachers’ fond farewell to retiring Operations Director – and welMeachers Global Logistics Operations Director Rob Lewis has retired after a long and successful career with the company, spanning 42 years.

Rob was given a fond farewell at the end of March, while a warm welcome has been extended to Sean Farrell, who has joined Meachers as Import Manager.

Rob Lewis started work in the industry in 1972, he joined Oast Agencies in 1980 and continued as General Manager when Meachers acquired Oast in 1989. Rob progressed to a Directorship with Meachers, heading up the Freight Forwarding function of the business.

During his career, Rob served as Regional Chairman of The Institute of Export and the British International Freight Association, and served on National Committees of BIFA.

He recalls: “My first ever job in the industry was for the princely sum of £14 per week. Back then, it was still based on moving paperwork around Customs and Excise, Shipping Lines and the Dock Company by hand.

“The changes between 1972 and 2024 would have been unimaginable. Fax machines were in their infancy, computers and mobile phones just a pipedream. There were no emails, but we did have Telex, which moved onto preparing messages with tickertape, then messages on a screen. All very hi-tech at the time!”

Rob added: “I have enjoyed a long and fulfilling career with Meachers and will miss working with my brilliant team in freight forwarding and colleagues across the company. It’s been an honour working in the fast-paced logistics sector, with Meachers at the helm, and I leave with plenty of happy memories.”

Rob is planning to enjoy retirement with his family and looks forward to spending more time travelling abroad, volunteering, and supporting Southampton FC.

Meachers Chairman Bob Terris said: “Much has changed in our industry over the past 40 years and Rob has encompassed these changes to expand and progress the business. We thank him for his commitment and wish him a happy retirement.”

Mark Lee takes over heading up the Freight Forwarding activities. He will be using his experience to drive the business forward and implement new Freight Forwarding software to improve functionality and visibility to both staff and clients.

As the new Import Manager, Sean Farrell will look after a team of five in the Freight Forwarding department. He has excellent leadership skills and commercial awareness, after spending 13 years at Delamode (Import Services), where he has been the Freight Forwarding Manager for the past 5 years.

He brings an in-depth knowledge of Imports, Cross Trade, Bonded Warehousing and CFSP.

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