Logitrans Rotator makes work easier at Matpartner in Norway

The Norwegian manufacturer of prepared foods for catering centres and groceries, Matpartner Norway, uses the fully powered Logiflex with Rotator, when handling vegetables, meat, potatoes, cream etc. The raw products are delivered in large boxes and are emptied on to the production machines for further treatment. Previously this was a manual operation, and Matpartner now experiences a considerable revolution in their work!

The objective of Matpartner is to be the best within their industry – and they want to meet the increased demands for resource savings in the catering industry.

"Logitrans Rotator has shown to be an eminent investment with a large application area. The Rotator helps increase our efficiency considerably and has taken over the heavy tasks, we previously used to carry out manually", says production assistant, Yngve Hansen.

The Logitrans Rotator makes work easier and is an indispensable partner in all companies, in which emptying and filling of boxes are needed! At the same time the Rotator can handle up to 1000 kg – this is unique in the market!

"The Logitrans Rotator saves us much hard work", says daily manager at Matpartner as, John Forseth. It puts focus on the working conditions of the user and can save many back problems! It can tilt crates and boxes so that the user can reach the contents without stretching and straining the back. The Rotator can turn a box 180º to empty it fully.

The Rotator controller ensures the user a precise and controlled rotation. At the same time it is easy to set the degree of tilt and the rotation speed. The controller has no relays and wearing parts, and the maintenance is therefore easy and economical. The current consumption is reduced by 50%.