Logistics integrator GateHouse wins groundbreaking GPS Tracking contract

GateHouse's unique multi-logistics portal ghTrack for real time tracking of truck deliveries now at the centre of Freightex European operations

Transport logistics integrator GateHouse of Denmark today announced that it has won a strategic contract for its pioneering real time multi-GPS tracking platform ghTrack.

The contract is from award-winning European road freight specialists Freightex. For the first time, the firm can now use ghTrack to integrate and view all truck positioning data from more than 100 sub-contractors and large suppliers on one screen in real time whatever telematics or GPS system they use.

By integrating ghTrack into its daily operations, Freightex gets an improved visibility and overview of all truck positions, eliminates phone calls with drivers to get a status report on deliveries, provides a pro-active customer service of delivery progress, and has a tool to measure the quality of freight services. It can also use ghTrack to identify any delivery bottlenecks.

"GateHouse's ghTrack platform is a product of our data-driven time and is destined to become the technology unifier for the logistics industry," says Freightex CEO, Tim Phillips. "Freightex can now offer a full control tower solution to our customers as this provides us with real time location data for our customer loads whatever the logistics or GPS system used by our sub-contractors. We now have an early warning if a collection or delivery is running late, which gives our staff much more time to make alternative plans if necessary".

"Clearly, GateHouse is delighted to win this groundbreaking contract," adds GateHouse CEO, Michael Bondo Andersen. "Every minute counts in the logistics industry. With ghTrack at the core of its operations, Freightex paves the way for its sub-contractors and large suppliers to share GPS data and for the firm to better engage with customers and provide more efficient information about loads."

GateHouse advises that the firm has a blue-chip pipeline of early adopters for its ghTrack technology.

The ghTrack platform is the result of five years investment in building a unique and scalable data aggregator solution. It is the first platform to be hardware-agnostic and integrates all GPS and telematics systems. The aggregated data stream easily integrates into any TMS or ERP system.

With the ghTrack platform, shippers and transporters alike now have one comprehensive and manageable overview of their operations. It provides customers with proactive information on their deliveries, sends notifications if a delivery deviates from the route or stops unexpectedly, shows individual deliveries on a map, monitors sensor data such as temperature and allows users to perform statistical analysis and bench-marking of transports.