Loading unloading equipment manufacturer Thorworld increase efficiency and safety for Universal Silencer

The installation of a new modular loading platform system from Thorworld Industries has helped to increase the efficiency of loading and unloading and enhance safety for Universal Silencer. The system has been installed at the company's UK base in Hinckley, Leicestershire, where there is no dedicated loading bay, to allow it to receive deliveries on-site.

Universal Silencer specialises in the supply of engineered acoustic, emission and filtration solutions for power generation, oil, gas and industrial markets. And it is the size of this equipment that has necessitated the need for a platform system. Quite simply, many of the acoustic systems are simply too large to be removed from a lorry using a traditional yard ramp - as the forklift truck reverses down the ramp, the silencer would raise up, hitting and damaging the roof of the lorry. With this in mind, Thorworld's engineers have designed a bespoke modular system. It consists of a Type 9 loading ramp, providing access to six Thorworld raised platforms, which have been connected together to form a single structure measuring 5.9m x 7.5m.

Safety has been ensured with the installation of a wide variety of Thorworld ancillary equipment and safety aids on the platform and in the surrounding area. These include a dockboard, dock bumpers, flared alignment curbs, fork and pallet truck raves, removable hand rails and a set of access steps. Universal Silencer currently receives around two deliveries per week and manager Mike Hough says that he is delighted with the new platform.

Mike said: "The new modular platform is exactly what we were looking for. Thorworld's design department were exceptional - they made multiple site visits to assess exactly what we needed and then went away and had it made. "Now loading and unloading is much quicker and easier than before and it has provided our workers with a far safer environment in which to work. "Everything from the standard of service provided by Thorworld to the build quality of the platform has been extremely good. I'd definitely use Thorworld again and I've already recommended them," added Mike.

Thorworld is firmly established as one of the foremost designers, manufacturers and suppliers to the loading bay and materials handling sectors and is recognised as both a market leader and innovator in the supply of quality engineered equipment.

The company provides a one-stop, single source for an extensive range of high quality loading bay equipment and materials handling products, safety aids and accessories, including dock shelters and seals, dock levellers, modular loading docks, dock plates and boards, dock and vehicle bumpers, wheel chocks, vehicle restraints, traffic lights wheel guides, alignment curbs and mobile yardramps (available for purchase or rental), together with the Truckloada mobile yardlift and the Dockloada scissor lift platform.