LINPAC Storage Systems announces launch of a new website

Due to the continuing demand for Linbins by customers from all industry types, LINPAC Storage Systems made the strategic decision to launch a dedicated website This site went live in April and features attractive launch offers but most importantly, everything that is LINBINĀ®.

"Over the last twenty years the name Linbin has become synonymous with open fronted small parts storage containers, setting the standard copied by many in the industry," comments David Sheppard, General Manager of LINPAC Storage Systems. "Everyone has heard of Linbins because they are used in so many different applications."

"With this new website we've created a one stop shop for these tough storage bins which we know are so popular with our customers. It takes just a couple of clicks to select your choice of size and colour. You can then pick a method to store them either on louvre panels or as wall mounted bin kits, in Linbin cabinets or on Linbin trolleys, instantly turning what was once wasted space into a colourful organised storage solution for easy product selection."

Originally introduced by the Linvar company of Leicester to provide additional storage capability to its shelving ranges, Linbins continue to be made by LINPAC Storage Systems from high strength polypropylene co-polymer and are guaranteed for life.

They are available in ten sizes and four bright colours; red, blue, green and yellow together with an economical alternative, grey. There are also four sizes of clear bins originally developed for hygienic applications.

The new website will provide a quick and easy resource for customers from hospitals to engineering and retail to e-commerce. For those who prefer to browse a more traditional print medium, a special 'justlinbins' mini catalogue will be launched later in the year.

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