Kubota three-way tip tracked carrier

Kubota three-way tip tracked carrier
Kubota three-way tip tracked carrier

Kubota, the leading compact construction machinery manufacturer, has unveiled its latest edition KC250H-4 tracked carrier, with the new model set to raise the bar with its three-way tip capability.

The Kubota KC250H-4 is a truly versatile machine, with the trilateral loading vessel holding the ability to unload on three sides, offering operators unrivalled flexibility. Still retaining the same maximum load capacity of 2,500kg and 1,33m3 as the original model, the three-way tip is possible due to two non-interchangable pins, resulting in the same quality of tip discharge on the left, right and rear of the machine.

Thanks to a innovative and robust system of linkages and combination locks, the Kubota KC250H-4’s three sideboards can be opened automatically during the discharge process, resulting in assurred job accuracy and time efficiency. The ergonomically designed control station allows the operator to manage this discharge process by using a touch sensitive tipping lever. The sideboards can also be opened manually also, allowing for easy loading if using a pallet fork.

KC250H-4 tracked carrier

The KC250H-4’s innovative functionality has not affected the machine’s durability and strength, with the robust undeframe boasting two fixed and four oscillating rolls ensuring great stability on slopes and irregular terrain. This is all supported by the machine’s water cooled Kubota diesel engine, which ensures high torque and power (45.5 PS at 2,300 rpm) whilst delivering optimum fuel efficiency to minimise operational costs and environmental impact.

Neil Winfield, Kubota UK’s Construction’s Business Development Manager, commented: “At Kubota we are constantly looking to push the envelope in machine innovation, delivering new functionality that enables improved jobtime productivity, whilst not compromising on the product reliability the brand is known for. The new Kubota KC250H-4 delivers on all these fronts, with the three-way tip giving end-users unrivalled flexibility that will significantly reduce jobtime.

“We also place highly the value of operator comfort, and the KC250H-4’s operating station offers best-in-class ergonomics, with a deluxe reversible seat that allows the operator to turn 180° and face the opposite direction. The travel leavers are attached to the seat, which means operation is seamless, creating safer, more efficient and productive work station.

“These operational machine features are underpinned by the Kubota’s powerful and EU stage IIIA approved efficient engine, which as a package gives the best possible return on investment for the owner or contractor.”

The machine has a 55° tilting angle, with attack angles of 27° and 57° (61° for the three way dump) and a ground clearance of 334mm that allow it to traverse the most rough terrain.

Health and safety is also treated as paramount importance, with the KC250H-4’s ROPS, safety belt and non-slip step enabling maximum safety for the operator. In terms of maintenance, the machine’s large bonnet on top of the engine allows easy access, whilst a side panel gives simple access to the air filter.

For more information on Kubota and its extensive range of solutions for the construction industry visit www.kubota.co.uk or call 01844 268000.