Joloda Hydraroll launches first Powered Cargo Roller system that can be retrofitted to any standard trailer design

Joloda Hydraroll, material handling expert and global provider of loading and unloading solutions, has announced a new modular Powered Cargo Roller (PCR) system for the air cargo industry. The system is the first of its kind that can be retrofitted to any standard trailer due to its unique, low-profile design.

The new Powered Cargo Roller unit is now available as part of Joloda Hydraroll’s range of Modular Rollerbed Systems (MRS). The MRS concept is to transform any standard trailer into a rollerbed vehicle for handling all types of air cargo equipment, including PMC pallets and ULDs. Rollers are activated pneumatically so that air cargo can be rolled in and out of the trailer without the use of forklifts, helping road feeder service companies load and unload their vehicles more efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

With a Powered Cargo Roller system, the loading and unloading of air cargo can be completely automated. However, it has not previously been an option to retrofit a Powered Cargo Roller unit, which is typically 200mm in height and therefore impacts the capacity and weight allowance of a standard trailer.

The new Powered Cargo Roller system from Joloda Hydraroll has a very low profile of just 70mm, making it possible to fit the Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers into any standard model. As a result, it is now far quicker and more cost-effective for air cargo businesses to deploy a PCR trailer, as they no longer need to rely on specialised trailer designs.

Modularity is a major advantage of all Joloda Hydraroll rollerbed systems, allowing for both easy installation and removal. The system is simply mounted on top of the existing floor of new-to-build or existing vehicles, without the need for civil works. MRS modules or MRS with PCR modules are delivered pre-assembled and ready for quick installation in workshops (or by trusted bodybuilders) within a matter of days. Additionally, this modularity ensures the system can be removed and reinstalled into another vehicle during fleet renewal, maximising its longevity and value.

While originally developed for use in trailers, the Modular Rollerbed System can also be retrofitted into warehouses, transforming any facility into an air cargo handling station. Operators can effortlessly roll an entire trailer's worth of cargo out of a truck and onto the rollerbed floor of a warehouse with the simple push of a button.

The global freight air transport industry is projected to grow by 5.7 per cent from 2023 to 2028, emphasising the demand for faster and more efficient air cargo handling solutions. Labour shortages across UK and European airports are also prompting airlines and ground handling companies to seek innovative solutions to optimise their operations. By adopting the Modular Rollerbed System with Powered Cargo Rollers, businesses can alleviate the pressure of labour shortages, save costs, and enhance operational sustainability to take advantage of market growth.

Arjan Nobel, Global Sales Manager at Joloda Hydraroll, comments: “Our Modular Rollerbed Systems are proven to be the smart solution for air cargo trucking. Now, with growing demand for powered handling of air cargo, we have developed this ultra-low Powered Cargo Roller system to complete our MRS portfolio. To ensure our customers retain all the advantages of the retrofit concept, the PCR unit could not exceed an overall height of 70mm. By achieving this, Joloda Hydraroll is now able to offer a PCR system that can provide a seamless upgrade to their existing trailers – something that is unique in our industry!”