J D Neuhaus adds new air hoists to its range

Two new air operated hoists are being added to the Profi range manufactured by J D Neuhaus. Both hoists feature a new high-performance vane motor with a 2kW rating, which achieved 'super-reliable' results on 480 hours long-term test under full load conditions.

The products include a Profi 1.5 Ti hoist with a carrying capacity of 1.6 tonnes, together with a Profi 3 Ti/2 with a capacity of 3.2 tonnes. They complement a range of hoists with load ratings from 0.25 to 100 tonnes and feature either rope or pendent hand controllers for very sensitive regulation of both lifting and lowering speeds, ideal where smooth start/stop and load positioning operations are required. Optional control systems are also available. In common with existing products in the range, the new hoists offer operation at air pressures within 4 - 6 bar, as well as lubrication-free performance of 250 working hour's duration between servicing.

The new Profi 3 Ti/2 is a 3.2t swl two chain fall hoist and is available as an option to the existing Profi 3Ti/6Ti single/dual fall hoist which has lifting capacities of 3.2t/6.3t. However, at 66kg in weight, the new dual fall 3.2t swl hoist is some 30% lighter than the existing single fall 3.2t swl hoist unit, as well as having savings of up to 50% in air consumption. The hook-to-hook and body dimensions also provide a more compact hoist package which is reflected in a more economic selling price compared to the Profi 3Ti/6Ti alternative.

The new smaller hoist has no shortfall in performance, however, with tests corresponding to 19,200 successful continuous full load cycles over a three metre lift height.

All JDN air operated handling equipment is suitable for operation in hazardous areas and combines easy operation with low maintenance even where frequent switching and extended duty cycles are involved. The hoists can be equipped with manual, chain and motorised trolleys for overhead rail mounting, incorporating travel limit switches as required. Overload protection is also incorporated for hoists with load capacities from one tonne and above.

Other features include insensitivity to dust, humidity and temperatures in the range -20°C to +70°C, and safety of operation even in conditions involving explosive atmospheres. Their Ex ratings are II 2 GD IIA T4(X) / II 3 GD IIB T4(X), with increased spark protection also available for explosion group IIC with rating Ex II 2 GD IIC T4(X).

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