Inflatable and Reusable Bublbag set for rapid sales growth

Inflatable and Reusable Bublbag set for rapid sales growth
Inflatable and Reusable Bublbag set for rapid sales growth

Bublbag, makers of the unique, inflatable protective packaging system, exhibited for the first time at eDelivery Expo at the NEC in Birmingham on the 5th and 6th of April. The show was a major success for the Glasgow – based company, orders were taken at the show and they anticipate significant business to follow.

The new BUBLPod products, to be officially launched soon, were previewed at the show to key partners and potential large customers; they are designed specifically for products that are prone to transit damage, one of the biggest problem for logistics companies and couriers.

The BUBL products inflate to provide a secure environment for goods of all types, holding them safely in place in a cushion of air. Perfect for transporting anything fragile, valuable or awkward; they replace cardboard boxes, padded envelopes and bubble wrap, and the packing process is very quick and easy. The bags take up very little space and can be reused many times, so they are much more cost – effective than traditional packaging materials.

The company recently secured investment to fund expansion and development of the new products and to help build logistics and customer service infrastructure.

Ross Woodburn, managing director, Bublbag™ said: “The show was simply fantastic for us; we met with major logistics and courier operators, manufacturers, retailers, distributers and resellers, and in total we had over 60 leads in the two days. We are preparing now for the launch of the new products, which we are very confident will generate enormous interest.”

He added: “The new investment means we can really ramp up the sales effort and deliver excellent customer service. Our new product lines meet a huge demand for enhanced protective packaging.”

The company recently invested in a state – of – the - art eCommerce platform, which will provide a fantastic purchasing experience for customers using online channels such as eBay and Amazon. The whole process will be seamless from click to delivery.

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