How to choose the right forklift attachments

How to Choose the Right Forklift Attachments
How to Choose the Right Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments are an integral component when it comes to the moving, handling and transporting of goods in and around the warehouse. If the material handling industry were to be without forklift attachments, it would mean numerous people around the globe would be unable to run their operations as smoothly or as efficiently as they might have otherwise been able to.

Despite their paramount importance in the industry, forklift attachments are often overlooked as a key part of owning and operating a forklift. But for many, the prospect of choosing the right forklift attachment alone can force them not to bother purchasing one at all, mainly due to the fact that there are so many of them and all with different capabilities.

So what are the most common forklift attachments on the market today and what uses and capabilities do they all have?

The sideshifter

This is one of the most common forklift attachments available. The sideshifter, as the name would suggest, enables loads to be shifted smoothly and safely from side to side. It also allows for minor adjustments to be made to the alignment of the pallets, all without the hassle of maneuvering the entire forklift.

The benefits of a sideshifter are as follows:

  • It reduces the amount of fuel used
  • Pallet damage will be less likely
  • Loading of the pallets can be done a lot quicker
  • Allows warehouse space to be maximised

Some of the industries that would find a sideshifter incredibly advantageous include agriculture, paper handling, food and beverage, construction and even manufacturing, to name a few. Also, warehouse owners with small premises will find a sideshifter impressively useful.

The fork positioner

This enables the forks of the forklift to be hydraulically positioned, ensuring the operator has the ability to precisely align the forks with the pallet in question. This allows for the effective and timely moving and handling of stock. This attachment would be particularly useful if the width of the loads you work with change regularly.

Below are a few of the benefits associated with the fork positioner:

  • Productivity is increased throughout the warehouse
  • The forks will no longer need to be manually adjusted
  • Allows for the reduction of pallet damage
  • Load handling times will be greatly improved

The industries that would benefit most from the use of a fork positioner include distribution, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, warehousing, construction and general manufacturing. The loading and transporting of food and drink would also become more efficient with the implementation of a fork positioner.

A set of paper clamps

This forklift attachment is really only useful in the paper handling industry. Also known as paper roll attachments, the implementation of paper clamps allows for a quick and easy improvement in productivity and efficiency across paper handling operations. It ensures rolls are left damage-free which, in turn, helps to save you time and money in the long run.

The benefits of using paper clamps, or paper roll attachments as they’re otherwise known, includes the following:

  • Damages to the paper roll itself will be reduced
  • Allows for quick and easy handling of a fragile material or object
  • Works effectively on 180 and 360 degree rotations
  • Further damage reduction systems are available, depending on both your budget and your overall requirements

The push/pull attachment

This is a cost-effective solution for a number of industries and can be connected to a number of different forklifts. Shipping volume can be increased using a high-quality slip sheet that is also rather inexpensive to buy.

This can help to pick up and transport both wooden and plastic pallets, whether it be one load or several. If you’d like to return the forklift back to its original state, then these attachments can be taken off with absolute ease for your ultimate convenience.

The benefits of a push/pull attachment include:

  • They can be quickly and efficiently installed
  • There’s no need for you to remove the forks
  • Goods can be easily handled with the help of slip sheets
  • Slip sheets are cheap and easy to get hold of
  • Experience a reduction in packaging weight with a slip sheet
  • Fork-mounted units are readily available
  • Attachment can be removed in a matter of minutes for conventional forklift use

The industries that will find push/pull attachments most advantageous would be food and beverage, food manufacturing and even bagged goods. If you’re on a tight budget with a modest-sized warehouse, then you might also find push/pull attachments useful. Although, it’s important that you discuss your needs with your forklift dealer to ensure you’re getting the right equipment to suit your operations.

A multiple pallet handler

This attachment can be used to handle numerous pallets, as the name would suggest. The forks can be spread in a bid to hydraulically lift, carry and side shift several pallets simultaneously, side by side.

Often considered to be one of the most versatile attachments on the market, it also enables narrow aisles to be navigated around with absolute ease. Using a multiple pallet handler attachment will ensure you see an increase in efficiency and productivity as it’ll take fewer trips to get the job done.

The benefits associated with the multiple pallet handler include:

  • Increases handling capacity of the pallets
  • Reduced loading and unloading times
  • The required amount of truck manoeuvres can be minimised for convenience

The industries that will typically use a multiple pallet handler forklift attachment include bottling, brewing, warehouse, distribution, shipping and even retail. Due to the versatility of the attachment, it can be used by almost any sector or industry to enable the smooth running of operations.

Classic fork extensions

This attachment is designed purely to extend the length of the existing forks. Fork extension sleeves are designed to be a highly-effective, simple method of handling awkward, long or extensive loads that typically pass the the tips of the existing forks.

The benefits of using fork extensions are as follows:

  • If offers forklifts the stability they require in order to be operated safely
  • Ensures the safe handling of loads of various sizes
  • Provides the forklift with a great degree of manoeuvrability

The warehousing industry, together with shipping, factory work and retail, often find fork extensions to be advantageous. It enables them to tackle large loads of various different shapes, regardless of what it is or the nature of the load contained within a pallet.

A set of rotators

Dubbed an extremely useful attachment for a number of reasons, implementing a set of rotators will, as the name suggests, allow you to rotate stock 360 degrees when needed. This is a safe and efficient way of moving and handling loads of multiple sizes, but it’s most commonly used for inverting and offloading stock. This improves productivity as a result, as well as reduces downtime.

The benefits of using a set of rotators on your forklift include:

  • Loads can be inverted quickly
  • Forks will be swiftly returned to their upright position
  • All manoeuvres can be carried out in one continuous motion for ease

The industries that will often find a set of rotators useful in the work they carry out include waste management, waste recycling, food processing, food manufacturing, agriculture and food and beverage. They’ll also prove to be advantageous in particularly small warehouses where aisles are narrow.

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