Hiab completes electric range of truck mounted forklifts with the launch of MOFFETT E8 NX

Hiab completes electric range of truck mounted forklifts with the launch of MOFFETT E8 NX
Hiab completes electric range of truck mounted forklifts with the launch of MOFFETT E8 NX

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the MOFFETT E8 NX to complete the eSeries of all-electric truck mounted forklifts. It is a specialist model for demanding and heavy-duty tasks and can lift loads up to 3,500 kg. The MOFFETT E8 NX will be exhibited by Hiab at IAA TRANSPORTATION, Pavilion P35, in Hannover, Germany, 20 - 25 September, alongside eSeries models E2 NX, E4 NX and E5 NX.

It is the strongest truck mounted forklift in Hiab’s range and easily masters both rough terrain and difficult-to-reach job sites – transferring loads quickly and safely through busy yards and building sites.

“The MOFFETT E8 NX truck mounted forklift offers performance, power and manoeuvrability. It is ideal for a wide range of uses across different environments and the all-electric drive offers several benefits. Because it is emission-free and near silent, it is perfect for use indoors, in low-emission zones and in places where noise is a concern – like residential areas and when it is late at night.

Besides the environmental benefits and extended business opportunities, our eSeries models offer an overall reduced total cost of ownership compared with our conventional truck mounted forklifts,” says Jann Hansen, Vice President, Sales & Product Management, Truck Mounted Forklifts, Hiab.

The total cost of ownership is lower than the equivalent diesel model as it can be electrically charged and has reduced service costs. It is engineered with fewer moving parts, which reduces service time and spare parts costs. Purchasing a ProCare™ contract for the MOFFETT unit can help reduce service costs and increase the uptime further.

The MOFFETT E8 NX has a redesigned bonnet for better visibility and several safety features such as LED lights/beacon, interlocking seat belt and dash controls that are easy to reach from the operator seat. As it is near silent, it is also easier for the operator to hear what is happening around the forklift.

Customers can select from a wide range of E8 models and customisation options to tailor the truck mounted forklift best suited for their needs, and all have access to Hiab’s HiConnect™ service.

In 2023, Hiab will launch the next generation MOFFETT E2 NX, to replace the current MOFFETT E2, launched in 2014. A prototype of the MOFFETT E2 NX will for the first time be shown at IAA, inside Hiab’s pavilion.

The complete eSeries of NX truck mounted forklifts will next year consist of the following MOFFETT models:

• E2 NX: max lifting capacity 2,000 kg. Launching 2023.

• E4 NX: max lifting capacity 2,500 kg. Launched 2020.

• E5 NX: max lifting capacity 2,500 kg. Launched 2022.

• E8 NX: max lifting capacity 3,500 kg. Launched 2022.

The MOFFETT E4 NX and the diesel M4 NX version will be featured every day during IAA TRANSPORTATION at the outdoor show area of Pavilion P35. Outside the pavilion, the MOFFETT E5 NX and MOFFETT E8 NX will be on display, while the MOFFETT E4 NX and the MOFFETT E2 NX prototype are shown inside.