HGV Direct Director Chris Knowles says truck parts reached a quality comparable original manufacturers

Chris Knowles, Operations Director of HGV Direct, the truck parts seller submits that non-OEM replacement truck body parts have finally reached a quality comparable with the original manufacturer's parts, "We have historically resisted offering customers after-market panels from non-dealer sources because we did not believe that the cost savings represented a viable proposition as an alternative to OEM parts. Any savings were usually out-weighed by the increased labour costs of having to modify after-market panels - usually involving trimming, re-drilling or extending holes."

Chris continues, "Over the past few months we have noticed a significant improvement in the quality - so much so that you would be hard-pressed to tell them from the original panels. It's usually a case of pulling the damaged panel off and clicking the new one straight on. We are so confident in their quality that we have decided to provide them ex-stock. That means that they are available the same day if customers are close to one of our branches or for next day delivery if ordered from the website - something very few of our competitors are able to offer."

Body panels are usually available in white, grey or black, so the majority of cabs will require no additional painting. If a colour is required to match livery, then matt or gloss spray paints are available. Typical panels that require replacement are:

Step boxes

Tread plates



Air deflectors

Headlamp trims

Wing trims and tops.

Chris concludes, "With savings of up to 25% to be made, non-OEM after-market panels have finally come up to scratch."