Get on track for better freight movement with FTA's impartial rail guide

More than ever rail freight is affording companies the potential to reduce costs and improve both reliability and environmental performance. An impartial new guide for shippers by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) will explain whether rail is right for them and how it can be implemented into a logistical supply-chain to maximum effect.

Since privatisation, rail freight has undergone a sea-change in perception and its increased use among operators and logistics providers has led to a very efficient and competitive market. Making Use of Rail – a guide for shippers (The Guide) is available now to FTA members and non-members and provides a realistic assessment of rail freight.

Chris MacRae, FTA's Rail Freight and Global Supply Chain Manager, said:

"This guide offers an up-to-date assessment of today's rail freight opportunities. Because of the FTA's impartial, multi-modal stance it will allow shippers to look at the complete picture before making a decision."

Major retailers are now considering or already using rail freight as an essential part of their UK supply chains and with greater government and third-party investment in the rail network it is a great time to join them. The Guide represents a useful first step to doing just that and is consistent with FTA's work to promote the efficient use of the UK's supply chain and to help reduce the environmental impact of freight transport operations.

MacRae concluded:

"Cost cutting and being green are not necessarily mutually exclusive but rail freight carries significant improvements in both areas while improving service and reliability too. Considering how efficient rail freight has become it is definitely worthy of some serious consideration."