“Game-changing”: Biffa unveils new health and safety software to transform risk management

Biffa unveils new health and safety software to transform risk management
Biffa unveils new health and safety software to transform risk management

Biffa, the UK’s leading sustainable waste and recycling firm, has launched a new health and safety platform that will be a “game-changer” in how it manages risk.

Already the recipient of a full Five Star rating from the British Safety Council, and with an improving lost-time injury rate, the company says nothing is more important than the health and safety of its key workers, customers, contractors and the public.

Biffa employs around 10,000 people and collects waste from thousands of businesses and millions of households across the UK each day.

As part of its ongoing digital transformation, Biffa has now made a significant investment to introduce EcoOnline – the class-leading online platform for managing risk and health and safety – across its whole delivery portfolio.

Modules such as event tracking, incident reporting, risk assessment and audit management will help Biffa to achieve it mission; to continually reduce the likelihood and severity of workplace harm.

Gary Carvell, Biffa’s Group Health and Safety Director, said: “Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our key workers, whether they’re frontline operatives delivering essential waste and recycling services right across the UK, or office staff working hard behind the scenes.

“It is also vital we help keep our customers, contractors and members of the public safe too.

“EcoOnline is a real game-changer. It will revolutionise the way we manage risk across the business and follows the launch of our Safer Together programme in 2020 that centres on an interdependent approach, working collectively to ensure the safety of our people and those we work with.

“The system will be available on people’s hand-held devices and mobile phones and can be used by everyone, from front-line operatives right through to the Executive team.

“The platform makes it even easier to report hazards, near misses and incidents, and will present the information, accurately and quickly. It gives us an immediacy we didn’t have before, and a much greater insight into what’s going on in the business, turning that information into predictive data that will help us make informed decisions.”

Biffa’s lost-time injury rate has fallen by 300% over a ten-year period, making it one of the best performing organisations in its sector. Biffa has set itself a target of reducing LTIs by a further 50% by 2030.

The company also now has 25 fully trained volunteer Mental Health First Aiders across the business, ready to talk and listen to anyone who needs their help.

Speaking about the upcoming integration of EcoOnline’s software into Biffa’s operations, Göran Lindö, CEO of EcoOnline, says “this is a crucial first step in Biffa’s transformation towards a more efficient, compliant, sustainable and streamlined risk management system. EcoOnline’s digital software allows data to be centralised, tracked and monitored, making it easier for users to locate and understand safety guidelines.

“Consistent and regular reporting is at the heart of Biffa’s ongoing commitment to full transparency, and the latest software can simplify incident management to help ensure that the company can continue to protect its employees.

“Biffa is leading the charge in reducing workplace safety incidents, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our innovative technology can help take them to the next level with a user-friendly interface and on the go access to key information.”