Fusion Processing to supply Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to hydrogen truck pioneer HVS

  • Investment supports the business plan of Glasgow-based HVS to bring a hydrogen fuel cell-powered Heavy Goods Vehicle to market
  • Fusion Processing - leaders in vehicle automation, situational awareness and vehicle safety will provide HVS with two systems:

    Firstly, a collision avoidance system that will enhance safety by detecting other objects including Vulnerable Road Users (cyclists and pedestrians) moving in the vicinity of the vehicle and provide the driver with a two-stage alert. Also, when necessary, the system can take evasive action to avoid a collision. The system uses multiple sensor types including radar and cameras that also replace the external mirrors, to improve drivers vision and vehicle efficiency.

    Secondly, a situational awareness system that will assist the HVS predictive energy management system, helping to reduce vehicle energy usage and extend the vehicle range

  • Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) is a new UK-based hydrogen vehicle emerging OEM and an innovator in the heavy commercial vehicle segment
  • An all-new zero-emission 40-tonne hydrogen HGV featuring a unique powertrain and radical cab design, making it the first indigenous UK Hydrogen HGV, designed and built from the ground up
  • HGVs are the second largest contributors to UK transport emissions. They make up a disproportionate amount of road transport emissions (18%) while only contributing 5% of vehicle mileage
  • With HGV numbers increasing on the roads, this emissions figure is likely to rise

Automated Drive Systems innovator / pioneer , Fusion Processing, has today announced it is working alongside Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) on a £15 million (US$17.8 million) grant from the UK Government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) as part of a wider funding package to support zero emission transport.

Fusion Processing are part of the consortium awarded APC funding following a successful entry into its competition for developing automotive technologies and growing capability towards net zero. The Bristol-based company is supporting HVS’ drive for innovation in hydrogen mobility in the form of the UK’s first indigenous, clean-sheet, hydrogen fuel-cell HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle).

APC’s funding, which is aimed at supporting the UK’s long-term capabilities by securing long-term R&D investment in collaborative, pre-production research and development (R&D) projects, will support 50% of the project’s approximate £30 million (US$35.9m) total cost.

The project, which will run between 1st September 2022, and 30th June 2025, comprises a consortium led by HVS and includes Grayson (Thermal Management), HVS (developing the hydrogen powered HGV) and PNDC (a commercial arm of Strathclyde University specialising in power electronics). The support and combination of this expertise will expedite the development of the full vehicle’s fuel cell and battery hybrid powertrain, covering engineering, testing and development.

Both this and other fuel cell projects funded by the APC will contribute to the ambition to decarbonise the automotive sector as described in the UK’s Hydrogen Strategy.

Ian Constance, Chief Executive at the APC, said: “Supporting vital research and development in the UK, now more than ever, provides an opportunity to invest in transport decarbonisation as well as boost growth in the automotive sector.

“In this period of massive innovation and disruption, there is an opportunity for people to come through with new ideas. For that to work, you have to be out in front, keep very focused, build a great team, and have good support. That is all here at HVS. I think this will be another great UK innovation and manufacturing success story we are proud to be part of.”

“The £15 million of funding announced today furthers world-leading innovation in net-zero technology for the automotive sector and beyond. These fantastic projects are all collaborative by design, led by high-profile companies with innovative SME and academic partners, representing great UK industry.”

Announcing the APC funding, Business Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Our automotive industry is a world-leader, creating jobs whether in Essex, Somerset or Glasgow. Seizing the potential from new technologies will be a key part of its future success, while also making our roads cleaner, greener and more affordable.

“Today’s multi-million-pound boost – created by Government working hand-in-hand with industry – will put these firms in pole position to pioneer these innovations, staying at the cutting edge of the global race for decades to come.”

Fusion Processing CEO Jim Hutchinson said: “We are delighted to be supporting key innovation that will decarbonise heavy-duty transport in the UK. The UK Government performed rigorous due diligence in selecting this consortium to receive this grant – acknowledging that Fusion’s vehicle automation and ADAS is world leading and perfectly showcased in this project to achieve zero-emission targets.”

With government targets to curtail sales of all non-zero emission 3.5 -26t HGVs set to come into play by 2035 or earlier and all sales of new non-zero emission HGVs by 2040, HVS and its world-leading technology has the potential to play a crucial role in enabling emissions reduction targets to be achieved.