Freight Exchange groups offer green solution for hauliers and couriers

Collaborative working is way to cut carbon footprint

A call for the logistics industry to take a positive lead on helping the UK to meet its carbon reduction targets has been welcomed by a leading industry figure.

"Stewart Oades, President of the Freight Transport Association, is quite right to say the industry cannot afford to sit back and simply react to events," said Lyall Cresswell, Managing Director of the Transport Exchange Group.

"Freight and logistics movements account for nearly one-third of transport emissions in the UK and it vital that we all actively look for ways of cutting our carbon footprints.

"And we need to do it now - climate change is a challenge that is never going to go away and like all such challenges, it needs to be met head-on, not ignored.

"The Government's carbon reduction targets are ambitious and the logistics industry needs to demonstrate that it is takes environmental concerns extremely seriously.

"Luckily there are simple measures which can be taken now. One approach that is effective, straightforward and easy to implement is to eliminate wasted journeys where vans and trucks run half-full or even empty.

"Quite apart from the detrimental effect on a company's bottom line, running vehicles at less than full capacity has an enormous impact on the carbon footprint of the goods delivered.

"By using a freight exchange such as Haulage Exchange or Courier Exchange, companies can wave goodbye to the days of wasted journeys, maximise profits and improve their green credentials."

FTA President Mr Oades recently told the International Transport Forum's Expert Panel in Leipzig that in order to meet the UK's carbon commitment that "industry

cannot afford to sit passively by, simply reacting to environmental policy."

He urged transport companies to work collaboratively and also called on the Government to reward innovation and invest more in green technology rather than simply impose punitive taxes.

Working collaboratively is fundamental to the Transport Exchange Group, which helps companies match up loads with journeys through two sophisticated online exchanges, Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange.

With more than 2,000 member companies, UK-based Courier Exchange, now in its 10th year, is the largest online trading exchange for the sameday delivery and express freight industry. Sister company Haulage Exchange specialises in fleets of 7.5 tonnes and above.

TEG is also committed to harnessing the power of technology wherever possible and member companies of each exchange are alerted by text or email whenever a load or journey that suits their requirements is posted on their exchange.

Members then make arrangements between themselves, taking comfort from the fact that all members are carefully vetted by TEG before being accepted. Checks of statutory documentation and creditworthiness are carried out.

The Government's targets are to reduce carbon emissions by 34 per cent by 2020 and by 80 per cent by 2050, compared to1990 levels.