Fraikin launches free fuel saving guidebook

Fraikin is making a new booklet packed with advice on how commercial vehicle operators can save fuel available free-of-charge via its website at

This latest addition to Fraikin's essential 'What you need to know' series of industry guides shows how to accurately measure fuel as a percentage of total vehicle operating costs. It also highlights what simple steps can be taken to make savings, such as ensuring tyre pressures are routinely checked, investing in professional vehicle maintenance and providing expert driver training.

David Farbon, Commercial Director of Fraikin explains: "The booklet gives practical tips on how to monitor and improve fuel economy, in a no-nonsense straightforward approach.

"Achieving fuel savings of just five per cent for an average 7.5 tonner covering 80,000 km a year can equate to over £600. For a high-gross weight tractor unit covering 140,000 km a year, these savings jump to nearly £2,500. What truck operator can afford to ignore such a potential saving to their bottom line?" he adds.

Entitled 'What you need to know on fuel saving in truck operations', this booklet is the ninth in a popular series produced by Fraikin, which has also included guides to alternative fuels, carbon footprints, Driver CPC, digital tachographs, EU drivers' hours rules, Euro 4/5, speed limiters and working time regulations.

Since the first booklet was launched in 2006, Fraikin has sent more than 25,000 individual copies to customers across the UK, with several thousand more copies downloaded free-of-charge online.