Forklift users look to short term rental deals

One of the many implications of the credit crunch for the forklift truck industry is an upturn in the number of companies looking to acquire trucks on short term rental contracts.

"We have seen a noticeable increase in demand for trucks on short term deals," reports Neil Warren, Jungheinrich UK Ltd's Used Equipment and Short Term Rental Director.

He continues: "Traditionally truck users have turned to short term deals to cover peaks in demand – such as Christmas or Easter – but we are experiencing a growing number of enquiries from companies seeking short term rental machines because they have a need for a truck, but a permanent addition to the fleet is not in the budget."

The obvious advantage of a short-term rental agreement is that because it's temporary users get instant availability without committing to a purchase. As an alternative to owning a forklift truck through outright acquisition or a lease agreement, a short-term rental deal allows users to meet their temporary materials handling needs for a low monthly or even weekly rate.

"Renting forklifts on a short-term basis can provide much-needed flexibility and save costs at the same time," says Neil Warren.

Jungheinrich operates an extensive short term rental fleet and trucks from the company's entire range – from humble pallet handlers to state-of-the-art high lift reach trucks – are available.

Models can usually be delivered within 24 hours – or even on the same day – and any trucks that are not available from within the UK fleet can be sourced from across Europe and are often working at a client's site within three days of an order being placed.

"Users are seeking agile solutions for their handling requirements and short term rental deals are one of the options we can offer to help companies to budget more easily during the current climate," adds Neil Warren.