Forklift manufacturer Linde on track for JM Murdochs railway lift

JM Murdoch is used to carrying a wide range of products on its specialist fleet of road vehicles, but sometimes it needs extra equipment to handle the loading and unloading of a particularly unusual cargo.

One such occasion was the delivery of a full-size mocked-up train for display at Glasgow Central Station. The carriages were fully equipped with seats and toilets, but lacked one vital element - the wheels.

"We needed an 8 tonne forklift, with extra along forks, to lift the carriages off the trucks and to help move it up a steep ramp to the display area. It also needed to operate in quite a confined space," explains Frank Cargill of JM Murdoch. "We have used Linde equipment before and found it performs well, so naturally we went to them again."

The H80 forklift was needed for only one weekend at each end of the display period, but the whole project took months or organise. "The railway station naturally has very strict rules about what can and can't be done, even in the middle of the night when we were operating. But we did a thorough risk assessment beforehand and that helped them realise that we are specialists in this sort of thing," says Mr Cargill.

Linde, with a national database to match supply and demand, is able to offer the widest range of forklifts trucks in the country for short-term rental

"Linde offered us exactly the right truck and at the right price to get the job done," says Mr Cargill. "It performed well and was easy to operate. We will have no hesitation going back to Linde next time we need a forklift truck rental."

Mark Sullivan, Head of Used Trucks and Short Term Rental at Linde Material Handling, says: "We pride ourselves on being able to source and deliver exactly the truck which a customer needs - whether it is a new or used product for sale or lease, or a short term rental."