Explosion-Proof Smoke Detectors for Large Areas

The Fireray 2000 EExd is a beam-type smoke detector from Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd. It is the only beam detector in the world certified to ATEX 94/9/EC standard for use in Group 2 hazardous areas, and brings the benefits of wide-area smoke detection to environments with a risk of explosion. Oil rigs and refineries, petrochemical plants, power stations and storage depots can all be safely protected by beam detector systems more efficiently than traditional 'point' detectors.

Each F2000 EExd is comprised of three parts – an infrared transmitter and a receiver placed on opposing surfaces, and a low level control unit, all ATEX certified. Any smoke entering the beam path is detected by the loss of signal strength between the detector heads, so product can cover an area of up to 1500m2: the beam is effectively 15m wide, and the heads can be up to 100m apart. By comparison, approximately 15 point detectors would be needed to cover the same area, which would greatly increase the costs of hardware, cabling, installation and maintenance.

As with other Fireray products, the F2000 EExd has a drift compensation feature to guard against gradual loss of signal caused by dust build-up on the detectors or building shift, reducing the incidence of false alarms. A recent example of the type of application that can benefit from this unique product is the Ho Ping Power Station in Taiwan, which uses around 20 Fireray 2000 EExd products to protect its 1320MW capacity output from fire risks.

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