Exclusive supply of Dillidur Impact high yield steel from steel stockholder IMS

Steel specialists IMS UK, one of Europe's largest specialist steel stockholders and processors of abrasion resistant and high yield steel, are making an impact in the UK market with the exclusive supply of Dillidur Impact, a quenched and tempered steel ideal for use in earthmoving and loading machines, buckets, grabs and knives.

Dillidur Impact is a wear resistant steel with exceptionally high resistance to cracking. It has a nominal hardness of approximately 340 HBW in its delivery condition, and its outstanding mechanical properties are obtained by water quenching and subsequent tempering. Dillidur Impact is successfully applied where high resistance to abrasion is required together with very high toughness to resist impact wear.

A tough steel, even at low temperatures, Dillidur Impact is proven to be highly resistant to high impact and wear, even in the severest of working conditions. This new grade of wear resistant steel is also more flexible with regards to pre-heating and post-heating processes and is easier to weld compared with standard 400 & 450 HBW water quenched grades, especially where deep thicknesses are concerned.

In addition, by speeding up the repair and replacement process without the risk of cracking and due to the increased wear life of components, Dillidur Impact also offers exceptional cost saving benefits over other abrasion resistant steels.

Cutting edges of shovels, grabs and scoops are subjected to extreme abrasion wear and impact, which 'normal' steels can't withstand in the long term. "In such cases you need a particular microstructure and special hardness" said Adrian Hance, IMS UK Divisional Director.

"Until recently it was hardly possible to subject components such as these to the demands placed on modern machinery. Where Dillidur Impact differs from other wear resistant steels, is its ability to withstand some of the severest temperatures and working environments" continued Hance.

IMS UK offers Dillidur Impact in plate sizes ranging from 40mm - 120mm where users require an abrasion resistant steel with good work- and weld ability.