Edge line marking paint from ROCOL provides floor marking solution for Alpro Soya

When it came to applying demarcation lines throughout its warehouse, EASYLINE Edge line marking paint from ROCOL was first choice for Alpro Soya UK, the Northamptonshire based pioneer in the development of mainstream soya-based food and drink.

Identifying walkways, product storage locations and fire exit routes on a concrete floor was crucial within Alpro's temperature controlled storage warehouse, as was the need to create floor markings to indicate pallet locations and aisle identification. The EASYLINE Edge system not only provided a cost-effective solution, it delivered an enviable professional finish with minimal downtime.

Mike Donnelly, Logistics Manager at Alpro Soya UK explains: "As well as being easy to apply, the minimal down-time during the application of EASYLINE Edge was extremely impressive as the paint was trafficable after just one hour."

"What's more, combined with the excellent durability when subjected to both pedestrian and fork lift truck traffic, EASYLINE Edge provided unrivalled benefits," added Mike.

The bright, sharp lines easily produced by EASYLINE Edge were also pivotal to its success at Alpro Soya UK. The superior paint formulation of this 'traffic grade' epoxy paint and precision-engineered EASYLINE Edge applicator not only guaranteed spray lines of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lines, its availability in eight RAL matched colours and two fluorescents enabled distinct categorisation within the warehouse.

Combining patented technology and a battery powered airflow applicator, the EASYLINE Edge system comes in a heavy duty storage case complete with battery and spare masking plates. Quick to assemble and simple to use, the system also features adjustable rear wheels that allow line marking close to walls and racks.

ROCOL manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative greases, oils, metalworking fluids, lubricants, aerosol paints, anti-slip floor coatings and panels that are renowned for exceeding today's challenging operating conditions. The company prides itself on producing technically advanced products with industry needs at its core.