Digital and resource-saving: Mosca at Ligna 2023

  • SoniXs M-RI and SoniXs MP-6 T: Ultrasonic as a standard technology for the timber industry
  • KOV-111 strapping system for large-volume timber products
  • Narrower edge protection for reduced material consumption

A shortage of skilled workers and rising material costs are placing the timber industry under pressure. Mosca is presenting potential solutions at its Ligna 2023 stand (Hall 16, Stand B12). The end-of-line experts are showcasing their advanced SoniXs M-RI strapping machine that uses ultrasonic technology to securely strap timber products and is ready for digital transformation thanks to a state-of-the-art PLC. The KOV-111 pallet strapping machine combines high performance with large buffer magazines for consumables and can work nonstop through an entire shift without scheduled downtime. Mosca has also taken a closer look at consumables. Thanks to narrower edge protectors, the KOV-111 is now able to reduce material consumption and lower costs.

When a neatly bundled load of roof battens makes its way to the construction site, it is not apparent what the exact packaging has looked like. Some companies still manage many of the steps manually, while others rely on fully automated lines with machines that handle packaging autonomously. A few companies are already using Industry 4.0 options, such as preventive maintenance, to operate their lines with minimum downtime. At this year's Ligna trade fair Mosca is showcasing strapping solutions for all levels of automation. For example, with the SoniXs M-RI, the company's end-of-line experts are taking a machine that has been tried and tested for decades to the next level. This model now comes standard with a Web HMI, which makes it possible to access machine performance data and adjust strapping settings. Thanks to an OPC/UA interface, the machine can be integrated into a fully automatic line and operated from a control centre. The optional Mosca digital package enables users to remotely control and monitor the machine with a mobile device at any time and from any place.

Ultrasonic technology for the timber industry

The SoniXs M-RI is also equipped with the latest Standard-7 SoniXs narrow sealing unit and can therefore strap products down to 60 millimetres in width without generating heat or fumes. This eliminates any risk of fire and ensures wooden slats and other products are strapped safely, quickly and efficiently. The SoniXs M-RI is extremely versatile thanks to its ring-shaped strap guide frame, which enables products to be placed on the table from either side before strapping. For longer wooden balks and slats ranging from four to eight metres in length, multiple machines can be arranged in parallel; the strapping cycle is triggered simultaneously.

The SoniXs MP-6 T on display at Ligna is also equipped with the Mosca SoniXs narrow sealing unit. Thanks to its compact design, it fits into space-limited production environments and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. As a table model, it is ideal for manual use with the strapping cycle being triggered by hand or foot switch. The machine can also be equipped with an interface and easily integrated into fully automatic lines with an external transport system.

Save consumables and store them on the machine

In addition to standalone strapping machines, the Mosca portfolio includes the KOV-111 strapping system for large-volume timber products. Using a fully automatic edge protection setter, the machine secures the top edge of a product with a cardboard edge protector. These edge protectors are now much narrower. Christian Zwieb, Sales Manager, Mosca Engineering explains: "Edge protection is indispensable for sensitive timber products. Customers who use the KOV-111 extensively need large numbers of edge protectors – up to 200,000 per year.

That's why we looked at how we can reduce the size of the protectors without sacrificing production reliability." Instead of edge protectors measuring 200 millimetres long, 100 millimetres wide and 3 millimetres thick, Mosca machines can now use protectors from size 35/35 to 50 millimetres. The smaller format saves customers up to 80% of material costs. The edge protectors are based on a standard DIN EN format and are available from most industry suppliers. On the KOV-111, the edge protectors are loaded into large magazines that hold up to 150 units and can supply the machine during a full work shift without refilling.